Creating different paint effects can be easy, and one of the simplest techniques I know, to enhance beautiful effects to features such as carvings, and intricate details on your furniture is my paint glaze and dry brush technique. I love to glaze!

Supply list – You will need the following 

  • A mid-tone Fusion Mineral paint colour of your choice.
  • A dark coloured glaze. Such as the antiquing glaze or the clear glaze with a dark colour to tint it with. 
  • A light tonal colour of Fusion Mineral paint which compliments your mid tone colour. – This will be for the dry brushing effect. 
  • A brush to paint with.
  • An old brush for glazing.
  • A large flat brush for dry brushing. 

For example you could Devine lavender and twilight geranium.

Enhancing the details on your furniture 

Starting with your chosen mid-tone colour. Give your piece of furniture two good coats of paint. Make sure to follow all the prep steps for the paint, and allow the given drying times. If you’re not sure about how to prep your furniture for painting checks out this blog post here. After your paint has thoroughly dried. I would leave the paint to dry for at least overnight. This is really important because we need the paint to be as dry as it can be. You will be applying a wet glaze over the top, and wiping it back. So we need the paint to be really good and dry. 

Coal Black Fusion Mineral Paint - Home Revival Interiors
Make sure you paint is really dry.

We are now ready to apply the glaze. You can choose to use the antiquing glaze, or Fusions clear glaze can be coloured/tinted using a darker colour. I often use the Fusion Mineral paint clear glaze with Fusion’s coal back colour paint as a dark glaze, it is my go-to.

pot of Fusion glaze on clear background

Tinting your Fusion glaze 

Tinting fusion’s clear glaze can be real fun. You can choose any colour you like, including Fusion’s metallic colours to make your tinted glaze. In this video I used Cranberry to create faux leather using a technique called frottage.

Always love seeing my wonky eye on camera! lol

Top tip:
The rule of thumb for tinting your glaze is the more paint you add the more opaque the glaze will be. The less paint you add the more transparent your glaze will be. So think about it like a pair of tights you may put on. The higher the denier of the tight , the less of your leg you can see, its the same thing with your glaze.  
Glazing pops the details

You apply the glaze in sections making sure you get the glaze into all of the details and features on the furniture. I always leave my glaze for 5-10 minutes to make sure it’s got enough time to seize up and grab hold of the paint. I then use a lightly damp cloth to remove the excess glaze. You can use a dry cloth but I like the control havening a damp cloth gives me it allows me to remove almost all the glaze on the flat areas leaving it in the recessed areas perfectly. I want the contrast between the two colours to be strong. 

Antiquing Glaze over Gold Leaf for a great contrast

The fusion glaze is very forgiving and it has a long open time. This just means that it stays wet much longer than the paint does. So you have got the time to stand back and look at the piece, assess it, and decide whether you have removed enough of the glaze or not. After the glaze has dried which will take around 48 – 72 hours. 

Dry brushing for a 3d effect 

When your furniture has carvings or intricate details and you paint it in one colour it can appear to make the details look flat and take away from the feature. By adding the glaze your re-applying in some dark and mimicking age and dirt, which helps to bring back that depth and 3D effect.

See more in this blog post

By dry brushing with a lighter colour then adds to the effect bringing back the highlights. You can think of it as contouring with your make-up. Adding a highlighter to your cheeks just makes them pop! This helps to enhance your features.  That’s what we’re doing to your furniture with this technique, just highlighting its cheekbones.

We do this by dipping a large flat brush very lightly into some paint. You need very little paint, as we’re going to wipe it all off. I use some scrap cardboard as a pallet to dap off the excess paint on my brush, till there is barely any paint coming from the brush. Then we’re going to brush vigorously but lightly over the tops of the carvings and it will just catch on all of the high points. This is what you’re looking for to bring out those highlights. When it’s all done it really does give it a 3D effect. 

Virtual paint class
Plaster, Antiquing glaze with a touch of Bronze metallic and Raw Silk Dry brush
Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.
Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.
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Have you got a front door that’s looking a little worn? Spruce it up with a pot of Fusion Mineral Paint. It’s simple, easy, and an inexpensive way to get a brand new look. The best part is you do not need to add a topcoat! Follow along to see how easy it is to paint your front door.

a soft sage green painted front door with brass hardwear
Sacred Sage

dark brown door

Prepping your door for painting 

Prepping your door for painting is simple. Here are the steps I’d recommend. 

Prep sheet -Home Revival

Take off all the hardware from the door. This can be handles letterboxes ect. 

Mix up a small bucket with water with Fusions TSP alternative, and scrub that front door. A kitchen greeny would work well for this. There’s lots of grime and dirt from things like roads, and daily life, so this step is crucial for prepping your door. 

Fusion Mineral paint TSP
TSP removes all grease, oils, and dirt.

How to scuff sand funriture

gloves with sand papaer in hand shaped attached  to the glove

After cleaning well with TSP leave the door to dry thoroughly. Once dry you can scuff sand the entire door. Making sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain. This is important so you don’t see the sanding marks, going against the grain even with paint over top can be seen through the finish.

Scuff sanding is just giving the surface a ‘key’ or ‘tooth’ this is only needed on surfaces that have paint or finish already on them, especially if the surface is shiny. We are trying to matt the surface not remove the finish.

After removing all of the dust from sanding you are ready to apply your first coat of paint. See this blog post about prepping your furniture ready for paint.

Less Paint is more.

When applying paint especially to a front door, less is definitely more. You want to apply the paint in thin even coats. I’ll pre-warn you, the first coat will look scary, just trust the process, and just know that once you apply the second coat it will begin to look amazing.

A roller tray and white paint
You can use a roller and tray or a brush!
pack of roller and frame
You can get these from my website HERE

A brush or a roller or both is good for this project. You can roller the larger flat areas and use a brush for the crevices and detail work. I just used a brush for this door, just do what is best for you!

3 different brushes
Click here to see all brushes

When allowing the first coat of paint to dry, remember to leave the door propped open. Sunny dry weather conditions are always better for this. I would also recommend starting this project in the morning. After the first coat dries apply the second coat of paint. Again make sure the door is propped open for drying.  As it’s an outside door there will be seals and flush fittings that can mark your new paint.  

2 colours tipped out on the surface
Not all colours will cover in one coat! don’t fret the second coat is when the magic happens

Once the second coat is dry you can reattach all of the hardware you removed when prepping the door. Your now ready to style it up and take a picture! 

Video showing you how to paint a front door. 

I painted this front door Live on my Facebook page. You can see how quickly the job is to do and so is easily manageable in a day. The prep was done before we went live and my customer had a a new look door for under £22! How great is that?

You can watch that video here

Let me know in the comments if it has inspired you to paint your front door, and if you don’t already please pop over to my Instagram account and give me a follow! It really helps small businesses such as mine.

painted front door slightly ajar

I have introduced my Facebook audience to my lovely friend Cait Whitson and now to you! Featuring her Whitson’s Impasto plaster for special effects for furniture and more. Find it here in my online store

Special effects

I twisted Caits arm to come onto my FB page and give me a master class in her plaster finish. She is one of those friends you call about XY or Z and end up talking for hours and putting the world to rights! We all have friends like that right?

Cait Whitson also know as Painty Cait and is a legend in the painting refinishing world and beyond! There isn’t enough room to list her accomplishments but trust me when I tell you she has forgotten more than I know!

Check out Caits decorative painting business for more inspiration here

She is a decorative painter specializing in paint, plaster, and leaf finishes for domestic and commercial projects. Cait has a company Whitson’s Ltd which offers a range of products for the specialist decoration and plastering industry along with training in many aspects of decoration – Whitson’s own brand and Stucco Italiano plaster along with carefully sourced tools and accessories. You can find out more here >

I interviewed Cait on my Paint Talk with the Pros series, it was a fun interview check it out!

Special effect made easy.

Whitson’s Impasto Plaster is a super-versatile plaster capable of being used to create textured, embossed and low relief plaster finishes so I got Cait to walk me through a simple finish step by step on camera! Luckily she agreed to do a Facebook live so you can follow along with the steps too.

textured surface Gold and Black /grey
Close up of my board.
Artist Easel with Whitson plasters finish
This finish would be great on wall, furniture or as abstract art.
artist Easel catching the sun, with Gold plaster finish
Catching the sun it looks more Golden

Anyone can use it!

This was the second time I used it and I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to know that anyone can use this product on almost anything. Cait walked me through the very simple process on the video and my imagination was running wild with all the possibilities!

textured gold and pale plaster - Home Revival Interiors
This was the first time I use it and I added Orange Gold Posh Chalk Metallic Pigments

Impasto Plaster on furniture

The plaster has been made to be flexible unlike the original lime or marble plaster that is commonly used for those beautiful wall finishes. Whitson’s Impasto plaster is flexible! so it is perfect for furniture. One of the bonuses of it being an acrylic plaster is you don’t need a special primer, just normal prep, and away you go. Cait demonstrates how flexible it is!

Whitsons plaster on a flexible demo board - Home Revival Interiors
Plaster finish on s sample board being rolled

There really are so many looks you can get with this plaster and Cait has a download on her website with 3 detailed different finishes you can try. It’s hardwearing when dry and if you are not adding a decorative finish to it there is no need for a topcoat.

Hammer Coppered effect suing Whitson's Impasto Plaster -Home Revival Interiors
Hammered copper effect
Skip trowel plaster finish - Home Revival Interiors
Troweled effect
Cracked Plaster over Gold Leaf Finish - Home Revival Interiors
Cracked Gold plaster effect.
Crocodile multi coloured foil effect - Home Revival Interiors
Crocodile finish

Watch the Plaster Masterclass

You can watch the full finish here on my Facebook page

Click on the Picture.

Sarah Pelley Cait Whitson Plaster Masterclass - Home revival Interior

So what do you think? Would you try it on a wall or your furniture? Let me know over on Instagram

My son wanted my temporary office ( the small spare room ) as a bedroom so he could change his room into a gaming room. I did the usual Pinterest surfing to find some inspiration. You wouldn’t believe how many pins there are for boys bedroom makeover on a budget!

Wall paint

After all the correct prep we painted the bright pink walls with LICK wall paint. This colour os Blue 07 in matt and is deep dark n delicious. If you haven’t seen this brand yet I recommend checking them out. The paint was thick and covered amazingly well and has a velvety feel to it.

We painted the base boards and all the wood trim in the room with a water based eggshell in bright white. It really contrast the blue and is cleanable.. which lets be honest is the most important thing!

New bed

Malachi ( my son ) has wanted a double bed for a long time and to be honest, the room really isn’t big enough .. but as he is using it only as a bedroom and he won’t have anything other than a bed a nightstand a maybe a little unit. I gave in and ordered a small double.

I grabbed some new curtains and hemmed them with wonder web! You won’t see them they will be behind the bed. They were a bargain from B&Q and really are just for show. I had a blind made by the very talented Penny from Ed and Co Designs. We have chosen an amazing new fabric more on that to come!

Creating an inviting space

The only brief I had was to make it cozy. We got some cushions, throw and bed covers online ( we were in lockdown ) and layered up the bedding. His nightstand he has had for years and we just repainted it with Coal Black and Casement. I used a Re·Design with Prima® Stick and Style stencil

We have a few designs of this Stick and Style Stencil in stock and this was the first time I had used them! Pretty cool I have to say and I will be using them again for sure.

Upcycling a Facebook Marketplace find.

This unit was needed for his clothes ( which he refuses to hang up ) I have to say the fight just isn’t worth it! 😜 I’m imagining the clothes will be shoved inside where no one can see and I’m just gonna have to be ok with that!

This one started life as part of an office furniture set. It has definitely been transformed that’s for sure but it was the right style and the right size so a little extra slog was needed to make it work in the room. Stay tuned for a blog post coming soon on that!

Grown up teenage boys room

So with all that done the blind was fitted the new light installed, Malachi (my son) is pleased which of course is the main aim but it’s always nice to know it will look good too.

This room is now suitable for a good few years as he gets older and with only a few items in the room it makes it easy to update if needed.

This has prompted me to start my bedroom and so it sorta looks like the house is getting a makeover 🙈 … what have I started.

Boys bedroom makeover on a budget

I’d love to know what you think? Leave a comment and be sure to check out my Pinterest account for more inspiration!

Fusion is flipping the concept of Milk Paint on its head with this new collection, Milk Paint by Fusion! From colours to inspiration, Milk Paint just got a fresh new feel! and I’m soo excited about bringing it to all my customers.

Milk Paint by Fusion UK - Home Revival Interiors

25 new gorgeous hues.

Fusion and the parent company Homestead House has been producing Milk Paint for 30 years. They are still Canadas only Milk Paint manufacturers. The colours and the recipes have been perfected over time to bring us this glorious riot of colour. See the full range here

Milk Paint by Fusion colour chart paint sticks - Home Revival Interiors

What is Milk Paint?

If you haven’t used it before you are in for a treat! Milk Paint comes in powder form that you mix 1-1 ratio with water. It is simple and easy to use. Thinner than normal paint and is dry and cured in 30 mins! Did I mention it is Bio-degradable and natural?! It really is my favourite paint to use.

Milk Paint by Fusion at Home Revival- Home Revival Interiors

Finishing Milk Paint

Milk Paint needs to be top coated to protect it, as it is a porous paint. You can use Wax, Hemp oil, Tough Coat or Stain and Finishing Oil. Or just use your favourite top coat. Hemp Oil and wax is my favourite to use over Milk Paint as it just brings out the richness of the colour. Wait till you try it!

Different effects.

Milk Paint is soo versatile, you can use it as a stain or a wash by adding more water and if you add less you can use it as a thick impasto paste that you could use on canvas art or create texture, it is so cool! Milk Paint is famous for it’s Chippy look! there is no other paint on the market that can achieve that old world finish authentically like this paint.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fusion_Milk_Paint_Powder_Packaging_Mixing_WR_200324_7400-1024x684.jpg

How is it different to Fusion Mineral Paint?

The short version is (What’s the difference full blog post here ) Milk paint comes in powder form that you mix with water and Fusion comes ready-made in a pot. Milk Paint has to be sealed with a topcoat, Fusion has a built-in topcoat. Milk paint cures in 30 mins! and leaves no brush strokes. It can be layered without build-up and when used on raw wood it binds with the fibers and won’t chip or peel. It is also the greenest paint around! This is such a creative medium

Hawaiian Hibicus Milk Paint by Fusion - Home Revival

Milk Paint is coming soon to the UK and I’m so excited for you to try it!

If you are in the US or Canada you can purchase your Milk Paint by Fusion here this is my affiliate link so each time you purchase you are fueling my coffee habit 😉

Keep in touch

I want you to be the first in the UK to know when Milk Paint by Fusion arrives! so sign up to my email list, I will be doing videos and tips, tricks and tutorials on how Milk Paint is amazing .. Can you tell I’m excited!?

Join here to get the latest gossip and online offers!

Sarah XOXO

I just love trying new products sometimes I like them sometimes not but every now and then I came across a real gem. This was one of those times.

Shiny objects

So I’m not really a girly girl and don’t really do glitter and sparkles but I do love a touch of metallic, whether that’s Gold leaf or a gilding wax or even a spray can of Gold! I have a detailed video tutorial and lots of post about Gold Leaf over on my Facebook page

The paste used as a wash in the background, and the smooth pastes used through a stencil and heated until they popped

So finding these products was fun! they are so versatile and well .. blingy. So let me introduce you to the Posh Chalk Artisan Range.

Posh Chalk Products

There are 4 products in the range, Metallic Pigments, Metallic Patinas, Metallic smooth pastes, and Metallic textured pastes. Each one has different uses and properties but all of them are fab!

Add it to your favourite top coat for a lux metallic paint

Smooth Metallic Paste

These bright and bespoke Pastes come in 14 colours and are quick and easy to apply and used for a 3D dimensional look. The range can be used to make a surface wash, for sculpting or raised stencilling, as well as wall panels. Using heat will help achieve a deeper texture and greater tactility. Pastes will expand and create a 3D artist effect when heated. They literally pop! Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

14 fab colours and more coming soon!

Textured Pastes

The pastes are infused with genuine Swarovski Crystals and dry to a diamond-hard textured finish. The range adds chic to any piece worked on and comes in three colours, providing designers with an exaggerated effect when applied. Used with a pallet knife or a brush it can be ideal for raised stencilling, sculpting or as layers to create varied textures in any art or creation. Perfect for indoor or outdoor pieces the Pastes are also water-based and feel as tough as a diamond when dried. 

Diamond Hard Swarovski Crystals in the textures pastes


Perfect for ageing surfaces and giving your piece depth. Available in six unique colours these Patinas are an oil-based gilding wax product. Applied lightly the Patinas dry overnight and once buffed, boast a glowing appearance. Posh Chalk Patinas can be used with a brush or lightly with fingers for hands-on enthusiasts or with a pallet knife or stamp brush. They have multiple uses with high adhesion to most surfaces and ideally used for shading, highlighting and multiple effects and can be used on indoor or outdoor materials. 

Patina waxes 6 different colours


These metallic Pigments standout with their metallic liquid infused finish. The five colours present natural metallic powder, which can be mixed with a top coat of varnish to achieve a metallic liquor finish. The Pigments add dazzling effects to paint pours and resin work and can be mixed with waxes, patinas and glaze mediums – achieving a variety of effects. For a translucent glaze use a little pigment with the chosen topcoat. For an opaque finish mix in more powder. The Pigments are perfect to sprinkle too and sealable with a chosen medium. 

5 fab metallic and more being added to the collection soon!

So what can they do?

There are so many applications these products can be used for. My favourite has to be the pigments although the smooth pastes come a close second for me! I have used the pigments in Epoxy Resin and in Whitson’s Impasto plaster and, of course, the easiest and the maybe most spectacular way it to add your favourite colour pigment to some topcoat for a really molten gold-like paint! FAB

There is a short video showing you the Pigments up close here

Byzantine Pigment added to Epoxy Resin
Orange Gold added to Whitsons Impasto plaster

What’s not to love?

I love them so much I decided to become the UK distributor for Posh Chalk Artisan Products. If you’d like to get your hands on some or you’d like to retail them in your store contact me or you can find your nearest stockist here. If you have already tried them I’d love to see your pictures!

A before picture of the Fireplace at Christmas.

Using Fusions Driftwood SFO as a glaze.

A fireplace makeover – Fusion Mineral Paint Ash and SFO driftwood as a glaze.

This fireplace has been white since I installed it many years ago, I loved it when I got it but it looked tired and a bit well frilly. I wanted to spruce it up and decided the Christmas break was the best time to do it!

I painted it on a live video over on Facebook and left it unfinished for quite a while

Painting a Fireplace with Fusion Mineral Paint

Painting the fireplace in my house, a week before Christmas … cause I can! Come say hello and of you need Fusion Mineral Paint you can get it here >>>

Gepostet von Home Revival am Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2019
You can watch the video here!

Having some spare time on my hands recently as we all have, I thought I should finish the job I started! So I touched up the Ash and when that had dried a day or two I added Fusions Driftwood Stain and finish Oil over the top for a glazed effect.

Driftwood Stain and Finishing oil over Fusion Mineral Paint

I applied it with a small brush in all the detailed areas to make them more noticeable.

Glazing using Fusions Driftwood stain and Finishing Oil

Apply over all the details

After applying all over in sections I let it set up and grab at the paint for maybe 5 mins and then wiped back with a clean cloth. Doing it like this you can decide how much or how little stain you’d like to leave behind.

Wipe back with a clean cloth

Glazing and protecting all in one

The Stain and Finishing Oil is a penetrating stain and it meant for raw wood, but works perfectly over Fusion Mineral Paint as a topcoat. if applied thinly. In this case, I have used it as a glaze and protection all in one. A win/win.

You could have just as easily used the clear glaze with maybe Algonquin to mimic this look but this is what I had handy in my paint kit at home.

Glazing with driftwood SFO one section at a time

A fireplace makeover – Fusion Mineral Paint Ash and SFO driftwood as a glaze

Simple steps to using Fusions Stain and Finishing Oil as a glaze.

So I finished the Fireplace and really liked the results, it was quick and easy so I decided my TV cabinet could do with a makeover too. I did the exact same steps

  1. Cleaned really well with Fusions TSP to degrease the surface.
  2. Painted 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint Ash.
  3. Applied a coat of Driftwood Stain and Finishing Oil removing excess
TV cabinet painted Ash Glaze with Driftwood SFO

The picture isn’t great and I’m sorry but it is in front of the window and difficult to take a good picture. So I have refinished the fireplace the TV cabinet and I’m now looking at the coffee table 🤔 … it’s sorta like Pringles! once you pop you can’t stop 🛑

Fusion Mineral Paint UK

If you are looking for paint in the UK to spruce up some of your furniture I’m happy to help. Pop over to the Facebook page or the website to grab some paint for more information and videos. I’m happy to help so just shout!

Stay safe and well

Sarah X

New Beginnings

So it is with sadness and excitement that I have to announce that I am SELLING MY BUSINESS!

I’m equally excited and scared!

Longest post ever alert! 👇

I have been in retail for over 6 years and my business has changed so much in that time. When the online space became a thing and we started selling online it was as an extra income stream to the main business.

Since then it has grown and my biz has taken a turn in an unexpected area. You see I love Social Media and have been learning and training in this area for a good few years now.

I have taken courses and been to conferences, I’m a member of multiple memberships all to keep abreast of what’s working on social media. I run a Facebook group with over 300 creative business owners teaching Facebook strategies.

I have clients who I run Social media accounts for and at the end of this month, I open a membership subscription group for small businesses owners teaching social media strategies to grow your business online, oh and this June Kate and I will be hosting the UK’s first Furniture Painters conference 🎉

My business has come to the point where I have to choose between the physical shop and the hours that demands and my online work. ..

It has been a difficult decision! I have long known how lucky I am to wake up Monday morning and be excited to go to work, I love my customers, I love to teach and share my knowledge ( in fact you can’t get me to shut up talking paint) #painttalk 😉 I love being surround by the beautiful interior decor in my shop, I love the vintage and antique finds that I paint and love custom work, in case I haven’t been clear … I LOVE MY JOB

But .. The opportunities I have to turn down, the jobs I can’t take have been many! that and the chance to set my own working hours and be home more with my kids have been too much of a temptation.

Now I WILL still be Home Revival I WILL still be in this industry I WILL still be stocking and selling Fusion Mineral Paint, I WILL still run workshops and teach! I WILL still be doing lives and sharing on social I STILL love my job 💕 this page will continue as before.

I will just be working from home doing all these things I love and continue to grow my online work too!

So I’m selling my business as a going concern, I’d love to see it continue in some form, I have loyal creative customers that have been with me for years and become friends and I’d love to know I’m leaving them in good hands. The shop is in a highly sought after area with a lovely local community and good footfall.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in purchasing my business please let them know

Feel free to call email or message me for more info.

Sarah X

The venue for the First Furniture Painters Conference

Why a conference?

I’m so excited to be able to tell you all about this event. It has been an idea I have been obsessed with for over a year and a half and now and with the help of my partner in crime Kate Holt of Colour Me KT it has now become a reality.

I have been investing in myself and my business for a good few years now, These have included being in Jennifer Allwood’s membership coaching group, Rachel Miller’s membership group, I have taken Rachel’s flagship course Moolah and Stu Mclarens Tribe course and conference. These honestly are just naming a few. It seems I can’t get enough information!

Learning new things about the business you are in, is essential to growth. I am a firm believer in this! The opportunities that have opened up because of this learning has been incredible and pushed my business to new places. Including planning this event.

Talking of the event, this is why we decided to go ahead with it because the things we learned, the people we met and the connections we made when attending similar events have been a huge asset to our businesses. We want you to have the same!

Dreaming Big.

Take action for your business.

I have learned to push myself out of my comfort zone! In fact, I’m getting addicted to doing the big scary thing … I have had this event on my mind for months now, I daydreamed about it and tried to concentrate on other things but the dream of it wouldn’t go away. Do you ever get that?

So, despite the little voice saying ‘ you can’t pull that off’ I got hold of Kate and together we decided to do the big scary thing and stop dreaming about it and start making it a reality.

You see I’ve learned a very valuable lesson these last couple years and that’s when you take yourself out of your comfort zone and dare to try new things .. AMAZING stuff happens. Essentially I am creating my own reality. It sounds a bit woowoo really but, do you know what I mean? I’m basically getting off my ass and working towards the things I want and making them happen.

The Event.

Elevate your business and find your tribe.

The event will take place at High Leigh conference center in Hoddeson, just North of London. Close to all transport links. It will be a 2-day residential event and the price will include all your meals, accommodation and the event itself. The date of the event 7th June 2020.

We know that the best way to help you launch your business to the next level is by having us all in one place, at the same time – learning the skills we need to grow!

​How do we know this? Because that’s exactly the catalyst we used to start growing ours.​ So, don’t miss out! Join the UK’s first business conference for Furniture Refinishers, we can’t wait to get started!

We have some huge announcements coming soon, we will be telling you all about the sponsors and what we will be covering on the schedule.

All information can be found on the Event website, or click the button below for more information.

Don’t miss out.

We are so looking forward to meeting you all.

Kate and I launched the event Live on my Facebook page on Thursday and we have sold over a quarter of the tickets in one weekend! We are blown away by the response of people wanting t come and brands wanting to sponsor our event.

This event is for anyone who professionally paints furniture for a living, no matter what stage of your business you are in. If you are retail space, or a home business this is the event for you.

So Don’t miss out! Grab your tickets while you still can. Come find your tribe.

we can’t wait to meet you.

Sarah & Kate

A few weeks ago a client asked me to paint a large French sideboard for her. It had been previously painted and I had just a picture to go off. There was some distressing on the piece from what I could see and I thought I’d be able to prep and smooth out the distressing and repaint.

This piece was in storage.

My client had sent me some images from Pinterest of the finish she wanted for this piece, and I was excited to get it started. I have lots of furniture on my Inspiration Board on my Pinterest account, you can check it out here.

Open Pinterest click the camera icon and old it over this Pin code … watch the magic happen!

No prep is not a good idea!

When the 7ft+ piece arrived I quickly saw that the paint was not going to be easily smoothed out, it was heavily distressed and the paint was thick! It would need stipping! That wasn’t going to be any small feat but I applied some chemical paint stripper to one of the drawers to see how well it would work. While I was waiting ( impatiently ) I grabbed my heat gun to see if I could get it off that way.

The Heat gun worked well but I very quickly realized that there had been zero prep done on this sideboard because the paint was coming off in strips! It seemed that the heat was warming up the original wax enabling the paint to just slide right off! I have a Facebook Live video showing a little bit of that process.

Why NO PREP is not a good idea!

Gepostet von Home Revival am Freitag, 4. Oktober 2019
Why NO PREP is not a good idea!

Correct Prep.

When I had stripped off all the old paint I used white spirits and some steel wool to remove the wax. I did a very quick video on removing wax on FB you can see that here. The white spirits breaks down the wax and the steel wool removes it. When it was dry I used Fusion Tsp to clean it and a wire brush to scuff it. The surface was now wax-free cleaned and scuff sanded. The perfect surface for your paint!

Prep almost done, ready for paint.

“Your paint job is only as good as the surface its going on”

Some very wise woman once said

It was ready for the good stuff now and I got started using Fusions Coal Black and a good quality Staalmeester brush and it went on like a dream! The first coat looked amazing already and I knew it was gonna be a knockout!

Smooth Brushstroke Free finish
Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black

The second coat went on just as smooth and I used some steel wool to buff up the hardware. It turned out great and the client is happy! I enjoyed painting this one despite the extra work. It has a wonderful classic timeless look and I am more than confident that this will last for many years to come.

The hardware came up great with a little buff with steel wool.
2 coats of Coal Black

In the Clients home.

I Don’t often get to see the pieces I paint in their forever homes so I love it when the client sends me pictures. It now takes pride of place in her home and what a statement piece it is!

Lamps and mirror also available at the shop

Let me know what you think?

Sarah X