Fusion Custom Colour Before and After.

Mixing Fusion Mineral Paint to make custom colours is simple! they blend so well together that a few stirs of a paint stick or a quick shake of the pot and you are done. Really it’s that simple, and to make your life easier Fusion have come up with 32 recipes to help you decide. HERE.

Large hall stand was in good condition but just very brown.

Deciding when to paint ‘good wood’

All the furniture items we sell in the shop comes from France, my dealer is a fantastic picker and always comes back with great pieces. When they arrive they are all brown and unpainted and we often get people in the shop saying “are you really going to paint that?’

Now if they are in great condition and functional I will leave them for a few weeks in the hopes that someone will snatch them up, but more often than not, they are almost ignored. It’s a strange thing because as soon as it’s painted people see it as if for the first time. If I had to guess I would say 99% of the pieces I sell are painted, but when you consider the alternative of being thrown in landfill I’m happy to get my paintbrush out.

Custom Blend.

I mixed Fusion’s Ash and Coal Black in equal measures, I wanted it darker than Ash but not quite black. It’s a colour I will definitely use again it is rich and just scrummy! I poured mine into a little paint pale/bucket and just mixed with a stir stick, it mixed like a dream. I also added in some Fresco as I knew I wanted this piece to have some distress on it. Using the Fresco keeps the paint real flat/matt and actually makes the paint super hard.

Fusion Custom Colour Before and After.


This piece had no wax and the varnish was intact and good, so I cleaned using TSP and lightly sanded using Sandi Hands. Two coats of paint were applied with my favorite Staalmeester brush and I added a little Gold Leaf to the front of the spindles on the doors. I then used Help Oil to sand the piece all over and cause a little distress here and there. ( you can see a quick video demonstration here of Hemp Oil sanding )

Gold Leaf and a little distress.

Happy customer.

This piece had been on the shop floor for weeks maybe even months and no one had looked at her. After I took these picture I positioned it in the window at the shop and it sold the same weekend! The customer was very happy as she had been looking for the perfect piece for a while. I also had 3 request for this custom colour too, so a great weekend all in all.

Have you tried a custom colour? I’d love to see your pictures

Sarah X

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