Introducing Posh Chalk Artisan range

I just love trying new products sometimes I like them sometimes not but every now and then I came across a real gem. This was one of those times.

Shiny objects

So I’m not really a girly girl and don’t really do glitter and sparkles but I do love a touch of metallic, whether that’s Gold leaf or a gilding wax or even a spray can of Gold! I have a detailed video tutorial and lots of post about Gold Leaf over on my Facebook page

The paste used as a wash in the background, and the smooth pastes used through a stencil and heated until they popped

So finding these products was fun! they are so versatile and well .. blingy. So let me introduce you to the Posh Chalk Artisan Range.

Posh Chalk Products

There are 4 products in the range, Metallic Pigments, Metallic Patinas, Metallic smooth pastes, and Metallic textured pastes. Each one has different uses and properties but all of them are fab!

Add it to your favourite top coat for a lux metallic paint

Smooth Metallic Paste

These bright and bespoke Pastes come in 14 colours and are quick and easy to apply and used for a 3D dimensional look. The range can be used to make a surface wash, for sculpting or raised stencilling, as well as wall panels. Using heat will help achieve a deeper texture and greater tactility. Pastes will expand and create a 3D artist effect when heated. They literally pop! Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

14 fab colours and more coming soon!

Textured Pastes

The pastes are infused with genuine Swarovski Crystals and dry to a diamond-hard textured finish. The range adds chic to any piece worked on and comes in three colours, providing designers with an exaggerated effect when applied. Used with a pallet knife or a brush it can be ideal for raised stencilling, sculpting or as layers to create varied textures in any art or creation. Perfect for indoor or outdoor pieces the Pastes are also water-based and feel as tough as a diamond when dried. 

Diamond Hard Swarovski Crystals in the textures pastes


Perfect for ageing surfaces and giving your piece depth. Available in six unique colours these Patinas are an oil-based gilding wax product. Applied lightly the Patinas dry overnight and once buffed, boast a glowing appearance. Posh Chalk Patinas can be used with a brush or lightly with fingers for hands-on enthusiasts or with a pallet knife or stamp brush. They have multiple uses with high adhesion to most surfaces and ideally used for shading, highlighting and multiple effects and can be used on indoor or outdoor materials. 

Patina waxes 6 different colours


These metallic Pigments standout with their metallic liquid infused finish. The five colours present natural metallic powder, which can be mixed with a top coat of varnish to achieve a metallic liquor finish. The Pigments add dazzling effects to paint pours and resin work and can be mixed with waxes, patinas and glaze mediums – achieving a variety of effects. For a translucent glaze use a little pigment with the chosen topcoat. For an opaque finish mix in more powder. The Pigments are perfect to sprinkle too and sealable with a chosen medium. 

5 fab metallic and more being added to the collection soon!

So what can they do?

There are so many applications these products can be used for. My favourite has to be the pigments although the smooth pastes come a close second for me! I have used the pigments in Epoxy Resin and in Whitson’s Impasto plaster and, of course, the easiest and the maybe most spectacular way it to add your favourite colour pigment to some topcoat for a really molten gold-like paint! FAB

There is a short video showing you the Pigments up close here

Byzantine Pigment added to Epoxy Resin
Orange Gold added to Whitsons Impasto plaster

What’s not to love?

I love them so much I decided to become the UK distributor for Posh Chalk Artisan Products. If you’d like to get your hands on some or you’d like to retail them in your store contact me or you can find your nearest stockist here. If you have already tried them I’d love to see your pictures!

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