Smooth finish using Milk Paint a natural paint.

Milk Paint is a natural paint. Think 100 year old chippy paint and Milk Paint usually comes to mind. This post will show you how easy it is to get a smooth full coverage solid look using Milk Paint with just a few added steps.

Milk Paint by Fusion Night Swim mixed
Mixed Milk Paint in a bowl

Mixing Milk Paint

Mixing Milk Paint is really simple, just add the same amount of water to Milk Paint powder and stir. It doesn’t take long at all, maybe a minute or so. IF you have used it before you know it can sometimes look gritty. Where the pigments and other ingredients haven’t dissolved properly.

Lumpy Milk Paint

This example is extreme just to show you how it can look if you don’t allow the ingredients to dissolve. Even this isn’t a problem! You just brush back and forth and watch it blend into the paint.

Top tip to smooth Milk Paint.

The best tip for getting your mixture just right, is this…. Mix as normal and go put the kettle on! …have a nice cuppa, mix again and viola! the perfect Milk Paint mixture. This blend will make the flawless flat smooth Milk Paint. For a chippy look see this post.

Sanded Milk Paint, chalky looking and smooth

Prepping for smooth modern finish.

The next step to getting a modern clean look is your prep. The usual cleaning and scuff sanding is usually enough on most no glossy surfaces to ensure a non chippy look. If your surface is glossy a more vigorous sanding will work or just add bonding agent ( Ultra Grip ) into the mixed Milk Paint.

Ultra Grip

At a push you can add a layer of ultra grip to your piece before painting with Milk Paint, that works too. For a modern clean finish I usually just sand it well before painting.

pigmented watery paint

Sanding between coats.

For an ultra smooth finish you can lightly sand between coats, luckily Milk Paint dries very quickly and cures in 30 mins! There is only 5 natural ingredients and water, so once the water has evaporated it is cured. Compare that to modern paints on the market today and it really is amazing.

Sanded chalky looking paint

When Milk Paint dries it looks almost chalky and much lighter than the in the wet state. Do not fear! as soon as you apply any topcoat the vivid colour comes alive. When sanding be sure to wear an appropriate mask, and remove the dust before applying another coat.

Redesign with Prima Transfer.

Some interest was added to this piece with a furniture transfer, This one was the Folk 11. It has a boho vibe to it and looks great over this dark inky/navy blue.

Transfer over Milk Painted chest of drawers. Blue with white transfer

It didn’t take the whole transfer and one drawer was left with just the paint on. The over all effect looked good so now it was time to topcoat it.

Sealing Milk Paint

You can use almost any sealer / topcoat you like over Milk Paint but it does need sealing unless you are using it on walls. It is porous like chalk paint, and although really durable it will soak up water and dirt and grease. Adding a topcoat is a simple way to ensure you paint finish lasts.

Stirring a can of Stain and Finishing Oil

For this piece Stain and Finishing Oil in the natural was the perfect option. It will add a slight sheen and give it a water resistant protective finish. Alway make sure it is mixed well before using it, all the good stuff sinks to the bottom of the can. It enriches the colour and really makes it pop!

applying SFO over blue milk paint

The SFO was applied with a cloth and rubbed in circular motion across the whole piece. The excess was buffed in the same way with a clean rag. The difference between the the finish with and without a topcoat is huge, and it’s always fun to watch the colour come alive.

MCM Boho vibe

The overall look is a MCM Boho vibe and the colour gives the piece versatility. This chest of drawers would look good in a hallway a lounge or even a girls or boys bedroom.

side view of blue MCM chest of drawers

The hairpin legs give it some height and glamour. See another MCM piece painted in Fusion here.

Close up of of blue MCM chest of drawers

The wooden handles were wax with Antiquing wax and buffed to a sheen.

upward view of of blue MCM chest of drawers

The size and shape of this AustinSuite Mid Century Modern chest makes it a really useful piece of furniture and a style that never goes out of fashion.

Full frontal view of blue MCM chest of drawers

Is Milk Paint for you?

What I will say right off the bat is if you are a perfectionist this won’t be for you. Why? because there are imperfection when using Milk Paint even on a flat modern finish like this. There can be slight variations in colour or pigment streaks.

Close up of transfer on blue MCM chest of drawers

This is a natural paint with no modern binders in it. It relies on you mixing well and often durning painting to keep the mixture good. Not stirring during painting can result in the heavy pigments sinking to the bottom of your cup, changing the colour of your paint very quickly and easily.

left side view
 of blue MCM chest of drawers

The many benefits of Milk Paint.

The huge list of benefits far outweigh the cons. First it is an all natural paint, ancient, tried and tested. Durable and long lasting. If you use a natural finish such a Hemp Oil you have a eco solution to painting! so not only are you saving furniture from landfill this paint is bio degradable and not harmful to our environment! It’s anti-bacterial properties makes it perfect used over lime plaster as a breathable solution.

Milk Paint by Fusion colour chart paint sticks - Home Revival Interiors

The whole process of mixing your own paint and the end result of a tactile finish is my favourite things to do. It is so therapeutic and all natural paint. Give it a try!

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