Milk Paint by Fusion coming soon to the UK

Fusion is flipping the concept of Milk Paint on its head with this new collection, Milk Paint by Fusion! From colours to inspiration, Milk Paint just got a fresh new feel! and I’m soo excited about bringing it to all my customers.

Milk Paint by Fusion UK - Home Revival Interiors

25 new gorgeous hues.

Fusion and the parent company Homestead House has been producing Milk Paint for 30 years. They are still Canadas only Milk Paint manufacturers. The colours and the recipes have been perfected over time to bring us this glorious riot of colour. See the full range here

Milk Paint by Fusion colour chart paint sticks - Home Revival Interiors

What is Milk Paint?

If you haven’t used it before you are in for a treat! Milk Paint comes in powder form that you mix 1-1 ratio with water. It is simple and easy to use. Thinner than normal paint and is dry and cured in 30 mins! Did I mention it is Bio-degradable and natural?! It really is my favourite paint to use.

Milk Paint by Fusion at Home Revival- Home Revival Interiors

Finishing Milk Paint

Milk Paint needs to be top coated to protect it, as it is a porous paint. You can use Wax, Hemp oil, Tough Coat or Stain and Finishing Oil. Or just use your favourite top coat. Hemp Oil and wax is my favourite to use over Milk Paint as it just brings out the richness of the colour. Wait till you try it!

Different effects.

Milk Paint is soo versatile, you can use it as a stain or a wash by adding more water and if you add less you can use it as a thick impasto paste that you could use on canvas art or create texture, it is so cool! Milk Paint is famous for it’s Chippy look! there is no other paint on the market that can achieve that old world finish authentically like this paint.

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How is it different to Fusion Mineral Paint?

The short version is (What’s the difference full blog post here ) Milk paint comes in powder form that you mix with water and Fusion comes ready-made in a pot. Milk Paint has to be sealed with a topcoat, Fusion has a built-in topcoat. Milk paint cures in 30 mins! and leaves no brush strokes. It can be layered without build-up and when used on raw wood it binds with the fibers and won’t chip or peel. It is also the greenest paint around! This is such a creative medium

Hawaiian Hibicus Milk Paint by Fusion - Home Revival

Milk Paint is coming soon to the UK and I’m so excited for you to try it!

If you are in the US or Canada you can purchase your Milk Paint by Fusion here this is my affiliate link so each time you purchase you are fueling my coffee habit 😉

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