Mermaid Stag Sideboard.

I was excited as many of you were when Fusion’s new Lisa Holmes colour collection came out, I could hardly wait to get my hands on them. I was attracted to the Darkest colour Twilight Geranium and decided to do a special piece for a blog post.

Well, the colours have been out a little while and this post is late because the piece seemed to take on a life of its own! I had to search for a plain piece as I knew I wanted to try a new product that was out called Woodubends. They have all the properties of wood and can be moulded to any contour once heated. They come in over 3000 designs.

This mannequin has been covered in the Woodubends by the very talented Solly form Posh Chalk Interiors. you can get your Woodubends here!

I also trialled another new ( to me ) product called Unicorn Spit. It’s a water-based highly pigmented gel stain and Glaze. I wanted something shimmery and glittery to add to the design I had in mind and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I enjoyed working with it and love the easy clean up and the variety of colours to choose from. It did need to be sealed with an Oil-based varnish, and gloss is suggested to bring the colours to life.

I used a couple of these glittery ones. You can find out all about them here.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a nice Stag 3 door 3 drawer sideboard, which is plain, Perfect! I painted the entire piece in Twilight Geranium and decided I wanted a mermaid design on the front. I used my 15yr old overhead projector to outline the design. Once that was in place I filled in the design with all different Woodubends. It was fun! I used a heat gun ( although ) a hairdryer works, to heat them to fold the design around the side and up over the top.

When the design was completely filled I painted over them with the same colour and used the Unicorn Spit straight over the paint. The stains were more vivid than I thought they were going to be but I loved the effect they gave and they blended to create other colours! I did a Facebook Live showing the process on the tail if you’d like to see. Click here to see the FB LIVE

Just how I imagined a Mermaid would look!

Once the entire Mermaid had been finished I sealed with Fusion’s Stain and Finishing Oil all in one in the natural to seal in the Spit and make it waterproof. I also used a little Gilding wax in Gold to highlight the mouldings adding another dimension. This project from start to end has taken around 2 weeks. I think I’ll be a little less ambitious the next time! 馃槈

Just the knobs and some staging and she is ready. I’m obsessed!

Introducing Lillie-Pearl

Over all I’m really pleased with how she turned out. I love the colours and the slight shimmer and think she will make an amazing statement piece. The Background of Twilight Geranium is perfect to showcase all the details and sure to be one of my favourite colours. Using the Woodubends was fun and I think I should have a workshop soon. Let me know if you’d like to come along. SHOP ALL THE COLOURS IN THE FUSION RANGE HERE

The picture doesn’t do it justice.
Collecting her pretty shells
A Riot of colour!
Lillie Pearl the Mermaid.

So what do you think? Do you love her as much as I do? Leave me a comment and let me know

Sarah XX

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  1. Hi there,
    I found your mermaid sideboard during one of my weekly perusal through different Facebook groups just to see everyone’s new artistic endeavors. I love all of the great talent out there but I especially think you’re wonderful. The mermaid was out of this world. I’d love to be able to try those Woodubends which I’d never heard of until you used them. I’ve just been redoing, recycling, repurposing furniture for the last year and a half so I’m constantly learning. Should quite a few pieces and actually did a festival! But, you’re way out of my league! I’d love to have your talent, your artistry! Please let me know how I can learn from you hon. You’re simply amazing!! Thank you for listening to me ramble on!!! Cindy

  2. This is really beautiful, you’re obviously very artistic – this is not something easily pulled together. Fantastic x

  3. Wendy Chandler

    Absolutely stunning, would be very interested in a class to learn how to do this!

  4. Sarah Pelley

    Hi Cindy, wow thanks for the compliment. Just keep doing what you’re doing! The Woodubend moulds are in over 6 countries so check the website to find the nearest to you.
    Pop over to my Facebook page I have lots of videos and tutorials on there too X
    Sarah x

  5. Sarah Pelley

    Sign up to the email list and I’ll let you know when we run one! x

  6. Sarah Pelley

    Thanks Sarah x
    I usually don’t call my self artistic I see it more as creative but Thankyou X

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