MCM sideboard hand-painted Art with Milk Paint

Now for sale on the website

Furniture Art Milk Paint by Fusion

My Daughter Stevie Leigh is a talented canvas artist ( you all know this I brag about her often ) I am a furniture painter, so it really did take a while before I thought about getting Stevie to paint her art on my furniture!! I mean hello McFly! 🙈 Introducing MCM sideboard hand-painted Art with Milk Paint

Milk Paint by Fusion colour chart paint sticks - Home Revival Interiors
See the full range of colours here

I got Stevie to paint a stunning MCM sideboard with one of her meadows. Watching her paint always fascinates me, she paints like she was born to do it, without any fear and with a clear vision of what it will look like ….amazing! Find out more about Milk Paint here

corner of painted flowers on  sideboard and dog in the background with plant
Tinkerbell had to get in on the action

Milk Paint art

We used few different brands of Milk Paint for this meadow, Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint, Homestead House Milk Paint, and Milk Paint by Fusion. I mixed them all up and watched as Stevie created magic. Mixing Milk Paint is so easy to do! Just add one part powder and one part water, stir for a few minutes and viola! Instant paint.

Timelapse of Stevie doing the Milk Paint art work.

Milk Paint

I have long had a love affair with Milk Paint, it is the reason actually that I found Fusion! It is the perfect paint if you are feeling creative. If you would like to get your hands on some and you are in the US or Canada I have an affiliate link that you could use. ( I get a some pennies for my coffee habit if you use it 😊 )

Side view of painting on furniture

Stevie has decided to call her Spring Meadow and she is listed up on the website for sale. Spring Meadow the first in an exclusive collection of furniture hand-painted art pieces.

Low view of hand painted milk paint art MCM sideboard
side on view of milk paint art MCM sideboard showing flowers

Bespoke painted furniture

Having a one -off unique bespoke piece of furniture in your home is always such a treat just like art. Now you can have the best of both worlds! Be sure to leave us a comment Let us know what you think…Stevie is nervous about showcasing her first #furnitureart piece.

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