This is the question I get asked the most. Do you need to prime before painting furniture? So with our modern paint, there are only two reasons why you would prime before painting. The first reason is adhesion. The second reason to prime would be to stop the bleed-through of wood tannins, Saving you time painting so let’s jump straight in.

bare wood cabinet doors

Priming for adhesion.

Let’s start by checking the surface we are going to paint. Is it shiny?  If it is shiny, we need to work out why. Has it got a varnish or lacquer on it which could be sanded? Or is it a man-made surface such as a laminate veneer or melamine?

This is varnish/lacquer and can be sanded.

If it is lacquered or varnished you can scuff sand after cleaning with a degreaser such as TSP Alternative. Your aim is to de-gloss the surface, to make it matte-looking. You can then go ahead and paint. See this blog post where this method was used.

I have a video showing you how on IGTV

If it is a man-made surface such as melamine or veneer ( wood veneers can be sanded and falls into the above category) Plastic like melamine and Thermafoil and laminate ( think Ikea furniture) will need an extra step. For these types of surfaces, you will need to clean, scuff sand if possible, and add a coat of Ultra Grip before applying your paint. 

Ultra Grip adhesion primer.

Ultra Grip is an adhesion primer from Fusion. It is made of 100% Acrylic resin (the stuff in paint that makes it stick) apply in thin coats with a damp applicator pad or sponge. Using a brush can create texture and a little of this product goes a long way. It needs to dry overnight for best results before applying your paint.

If I wanted adhesion and I was painting a dark wood to a light paint I would use Whitson’s adhesion Primer. It is a great quality white adhesion primer giving you a light coloured base to paint from.

Priming to stop wood bleed through / wood tannins/knots.

The second reason you would need to prime when using Fusion Mineral Paint is to stop knots or wood bleeding through the paint. This can happen with red coloured woods and oil knots. For this you will need a shellac based primer. This is the only stain block that works effectively with wood bleed through. It completely seals it in and stops it migrating through the paint.

Zinnser Bin stain blocker

I would recommend Zinnser Bin in the Red can in comes in a spraycan too which can be useful for just knotting. Apply a couple thin coats, it dries very fast so there isn’t much waiting time before you can paint over. You would still need to do the usual prep before using this product of cleaning and scuff sanding.

Saving time painting furniture

When I had the shop I painted all day 5 days a week and I rarely had to get the Zinnser out. I would maybe bust the can out once every 6 months or so. Checking if you need it first will save you so much time! This applies to both reasons you would use a primer for. Saving time painting.

Gold leaf a before and after.
This was red oak and needed stain block

If you think your piece may bleed test it by adding a thin coat of white paint in a spot that looks suspect. Wait 10 mins or so and see if the white paint has change colour. If so bust out the can, if not proceed with caution keeping a spray can on hand for spot control.

Despite it being metal this didn’t need Ultra Grip .. alway test first!

This metal piping was a big job and I thought it may need to be Ultra Gripped before painting. After testing first by painting a few coats of paint on a day later I couldn’t scratch it off! So testing first will help. Saving you time painting! Watch the video of that test.

Just for your reference here is Fusions Prep card to take a look at.

Hope that helps

Sarah X

My son wanted my temporary office ( the small spare room ) as a bedroom so he could change his room into a gaming room. I did the usual Pinterest surfing to find some inspiration. You wouldn’t believe how many pins there are for boys bedroom makeover on a budget!

Wall paint

After all the correct prep we painted the bright pink walls with LICK wall paint. This colour os Blue 07 in matt and is deep dark n delicious. If you haven’t seen this brand yet I recommend checking them out. The paint was thick and covered amazingly well and has a velvety feel to it.

We painted the base boards and all the wood trim in the room with a water based eggshell in bright white. It really contrast the blue and is cleanable.. which lets be honest is the most important thing!

New bed

Malachi ( my son ) has wanted a double bed for a long time and to be honest, the room really isn’t big enough .. but as he is using it only as a bedroom and he won’t have anything other than a bed a nightstand a maybe a little unit. I gave in and ordered a small double.

I grabbed some new curtains and hemmed them with wonder web! You won’t see them they will be behind the bed. They were a bargain from B&Q and really are just for show. I had a blind made by the very talented Penny from Ed and Co Designs. We have chosen an amazing new fabric more on that to come!

Creating an inviting space

The only brief I had was to make it cozy. We got some cushions, throw and bed covers online ( we were in lockdown ) and layered up the bedding. His nightstand he has had for years and we just repainted it with Coal Black and Casement. I used a Re·Design with Prima® Stick and Style stencil

We have a few designs of this Stick and Style Stencil in stock and this was the first time I had used them! Pretty cool I have to say and I will be using them again for sure.

Upcycling a Facebook Marketplace find.

This unit was needed for his clothes ( which he refuses to hang up ) I have to say the fight just isn’t worth it! 😜 I’m imagining the clothes will be shoved inside where no one can see and I’m just gonna have to be ok with that!

This one started life as part of an office furniture set. It has definitely been transformed that’s for sure but it was the right style and the right size so a little extra slog was needed to make it work in the room. Stay tuned for a blog post coming soon on that!

Grown up teenage boys room

So with all that done the blind was fitted the new light installed, Malachi (my son) is pleased which of course is the main aim but it’s always nice to know it will look good too.

This room is now suitable for a good few years as he gets older and with only a few items in the room it makes it easy to update if needed.

This has prompted me to start my bedroom and so it sorta looks like the house is getting a makeover 🙈 … what have I started.

Boys bedroom makeover on a budget

I’d love to know what you think? Leave a comment and be sure to check out my Pinterest account for more inspiration!

Painting leather with Fusion Mineral Paint

Painting leather with Fusion Mineral Paint.
We have a lovely client whom we helped on a huge interior job a little while back. We helped with lighting flooring, obviously furniture and some accessories too. We had a blast sourcing her very specific furniture requirements, one of which was an industrial vintage style table and chairs, we struggled to find exactly what she wanted but did come up with some ‘out of the box’ ideas. Take a look, what do you think ? is it not fabulous? doesn’t it look like a magazine article?

We sourced an original BierKeler table and matching benches and grey washed the very orange wood, we sealed it with Polyvine dead flat varnish and it looks amazing.

That was the dining room the other end of the room, the living room end is where we had some fun.
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