Art Deco drawers Manor Green

Art Deco drawers Manor Green from the new Fusion colour collection. I found this cute set of Art Deco drawers on Marketplace for a steal and thought they would be perfect for the new Fusion colour Manor Green. When Fusion came out with the 9 new colours Manor Green was the first one I wanted to try.

List of products used in this project

  • Manor Green
  • Staalmeester Roller
  • Staalmeester bent brush
  • Pouring Resin
  • TSP
  • Foil and foil adhesive

Art Deco drawers

This piece had the BCM/HL logo plaque in and that’s from the Bath Cabinet Makers Ltd. they traded for sixty-seven years (1892–1959) in Bath, Somerset, England. Not very far from where I live in Devon. 

As furniture painters, we often get a little public scrutiny for painting antiques and vintage furniture. Most people do not see the value in these older well-made pieces and they often end up in landfill. Not only are we saving them from that fate, but at any time in the future, they can be stripped back to their former glory, should that style come back in fashion.

That’s all I have to say about that! 😉

Prepping for Fusion Mineral Paint

These drawers were in ok condition but very dirty so the first step as with any project is to clean them. TSP is a fantastic and powerful cleaner and de-greaser and this piece needed a couple of good scrubs! Most of the old finish disintegrated right off, and so when it was dry it scuff sanded with a medium grit sanding pad.

Painting and rolling Fusion

As this piece was mostly straight I opted to use a Staalmeester roller to paint the majority of it. A bent Staalmeester brush was used for the feet and the angled corner plinths. Manor Green covered it with one coat, but 2 coats are always best for a smooth professional finish.

Glam for furniture

It looked great but I felt the legs needed a little something to show them off and had been wanting to try some of the foils I had been hoarding. It acts similarly to gold leaf, but with less mess. The adhesive was applied to the areas and allowed to come to tack. Then the foil gets pushed onto the surface and rubbed well. When you feel you have a good transfer the sheet is removed the antique gold foil is left behind. Simply seal it and viola! I brushed on Fusions Pouring Resin as a topcoat over the foils for extra gloss. This application was applied to the original knobs too.

Refreshing drawers with Hemp Oil

The insides of the drawers were very clean but dry. They needed a refresh and Hemp Oil is my go-to for refreshing wood, leather or even metal. I often run around the house seeing what I can bring back to life with my Hemp Oil!

Art Deco drawers Manor Green 

I loved the colour story description for the new collection and the look! Dark, moody academia vibe. Moody interiors are my jam and I had the perfect spot for this dark green chest of drawers. Do you like light airy interiors or are you tempted by the dark side?

Let me know in the comments which of the new colours has stolen your heart.

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