How durable is Fusion Mineral Paint?

Almost a year ago I painted the outside of the shop in a custom mix of Fusion’s Midnight and Liberty Blue. It was a straight 50/50 mix. Fusion mixes so well together that making a custom colour is simple and easy. The colour turned out beautiful and it looks great with the Signage.

Midnight Blue and Liberty Blue custom mix 50/50

Did I use a conversion primer?

I get asked this often, as the shop was originally painted in an oil base paint. Firstly lets just quickly and simply go over what a conversion primer is. When painting over oil base the best practice is to use a primer that will help the water base adhere to the oil-based paint. To do this conversion primers usually have an acrylic base for best adhesion and the great news is that Fusion is made with industrial grade acrylic and so there is no need for the extra product. #winning

The prep to get the exterior ready to paint was simple and quick. The paint was in good condition, flake-free and all intact so all we did was wash really well and let it dry. The custom mix covered in 2 coats and was dry to the touch quickly. The project from beginning to end took a whole day.

So how has well has Fusion held up?

My front door has a few marks on it but it is the only way we can bring furniture in and out and I wouldn’t be able to guess and how many pieces have been through that door over the year! I often line furniture up outside the shop in good weather so it gets some wear but the paint is still in tack with no chips or dings in the finish. Fusion Mineral Paint is UV stable so it doesn’t fade in the sun making it perfect for outdoor projects such as garden sheds or maybe your front and back door. Even your plant pots could get the Fusion treatment.

This was the week it was finished
The exterior of the shop a year on.

Using Fusion Outdoors.

All in all, I would highly recommend using Fusion for your outdoor projects. The exterior of the shop took less than 2 pots so that’s £43.98. This makes it much more economical than traditional exterior paint. It also was a quick project. Just imagine, If you were painting a front and back door you would only need 1 pot for that price you could change the colour every year 😉

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