Whitson’s Impasto Plaster -special effects for furniture and more.

I have introduced my Facebook audience to my lovely friend Cait Whitson and now to you! Featuring her Whitson’s Impasto plaster for special effects for furniture and more. Find it here in my online store

Special effects

I twisted Caits arm to come onto my FB page and give me a master class in her plaster finish. She is one of those friends you call about XY or Z and end up talking for hours and putting the world to rights! We all have friends like that right?

Cait Whitson also know as Painty Cait and is a legend in the painting refinishing world and beyond! There isn’t enough room to list her accomplishments but trust me when I tell you she has forgotten more than I know!

Check out Caits decorative painting business for more inspiration here

She is a decorative painter specializing in paint, plaster, and leaf finishes for domestic and commercial projects. Cait has a company Whitson’s Ltd which offers a range of products for the specialist decoration and plastering industry along with training in many aspects of decoration – Whitson’s own brand and Stucco Italiano plaster along with carefully sourced tools and accessories. You can find out more here > www.caitwhitson.com

I interviewed Cait on my Paint Talk with the Pros series, it was a fun interview check it out!

Special effect made easy.

Whitson’s Impasto Plaster is a super-versatile plaster capable of being used to create textured, embossed and low relief plaster finishes so I got Cait to walk me through a simple finish step by step on camera! Luckily she agreed to do a Facebook live so you can follow along with the steps too.

textured surface Gold and Black /grey
Close up of my board.
Artist Easel with Whitson plasters finish
This finish would be great on wall, furniture or as abstract art.
artist Easel catching the sun, with Gold plaster finish
Catching the sun it looks more Golden

Anyone can use it!

This was the second time I used it and I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to know that anyone can use this product on almost anything. Cait walked me through the very simple process on the video and my imagination was running wild with all the possibilities!

textured gold and pale plaster - Home Revival Interiors
This was the first time I use it and I added Orange Gold Posh Chalk Metallic Pigments

Impasto Plaster on furniture

The plaster has been made to be flexible unlike the original lime or marble plaster that is commonly used for those beautiful wall finishes. Whitson’s Impasto plaster is flexible! so it is perfect for furniture. One of the bonuses of it being an acrylic plaster is you don’t need a special primer, just normal prep, and away you go. Cait demonstrates how flexible it is!

Whitsons plaster on a flexible demo board - Home Revival Interiors
Plaster finish on s sample board being rolled

There really are so many looks you can get with this plaster and Cait has a download on her website with 3 detailed different finishes you can try. It’s hardwearing when dry and if you are not adding a decorative finish to it there is no need for a topcoat.

Hammer Coppered effect suing Whitson's Impasto Plaster -Home Revival Interiors
Hammered copper effect
Skip trowel plaster finish - Home Revival Interiors
Troweled effect
Cracked Plaster over Gold Leaf Finish - Home Revival Interiors
Cracked Gold plaster effect.
Crocodile multi coloured foil effect - Home Revival Interiors
Crocodile finish

Watch the Plaster Masterclass

You can watch the full finish here on my Facebook page

Click on the Picture.

Sarah Pelley Cait Whitson Plaster Masterclass - Home revival Interior

So what do you think? Would you try it on a wall or your furniture? Let me know over on Instagram

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