Closing Down all products have to go!

Yes, you read that right! I am closing down the retail side of my business. I will no longer sell paint and brushes and topcoats and Gold Leaf and plaster and all the things!


There seems to have been so many changes to my little business of late but it’s not all bad news. I will still be here blogging and of course online too. Closing down the retail side is not the end! You will have to stay tuned to see what I get up to! But back to the paint. Don’t worry there is still plenty in stock and because you have all supported my business over the many years I am going to have a huge sale! I will still paint I just can’t imagine not! but will be sad to see this go.. but go it has to ( did I sound like Yoda then? )

Fusion Mineral Paint

I will be selling all Fusion stock off at 20% discount. The paint, waxes, topcoats, SFO, Ultra Grip .. everything. with 20% off it won’t hang around long so stock up on your favourites quickly!

50 Fusion colours plus custom recipes!

Posh Chalk Artisan Range

Deluxe Decoupage papers, stunning metallic pigments, pastes, patinas stencils and so much more all will have 10% off. This whole range has been hugely popular and the creative aspect of this just appeals to so many. See the sale here.

Milk Paint by Fusion

If you haven’t tried this you really must! there is nothing to be scared about just mix with water stir and paint. It is my first love! Milk Paint was the reason I found Fusion but it is still my favourite. The colours in this collection is just stunning! grab a bag and give it a go! You will thank me … it’s the bomb! Read more about it here

worn soft blue paint over navy, a touch of gold leaf peeking through.


We have lots of stock of Whitson’s plaster and Universal lacquer and their fabulous Whitson’s primer too. This is also a high demand product and I don’t think this will stay on my shelves long either! 20% off

Decorative plaster sample board, gold highlights

Closing down everything must go!

There are many other accessories still available like a few Staalmeester brushes, rollers and frames. I have some Sliver leaf and Polyvine adhesive Re design by Prima transfers and so many pretty things! you really must have a look at the website and see if there is anything you need. All 20% off

pack of roller and frame
Virtual Paint Class Learn how to Gold Leaf

Stay Tuned

I will write a blog post about what is actually happening really soon it will be a frank and honest story of what running a business is really like! I’ll let you know what will be happening next for me and my business! But YOU GUYS! without you, I wouldn’t have had this amazing little business that has supported me and my children since 2013. 8 years! You’ve read and shared my posts, watched my videos, bought my products, told your friends about me followed me on social, pinned my pins … I hope you do know that all those little things make small businesses like mine possible. It is because of you all that my family took holidays or kickboxing classes. None of this is hyperbole these are facts.

So thank you very much.. you are the best .. now go buy some stuff! 🙂


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