gel Stained furniture

Gel Stains

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the shop, new stock in and out and lots of commission painting has been done. Although I love to paint I also love to refinish wood, and one of my favorite wood treatments is Gel stains, they are thick in consistency so don’t run or drip and are easy to use.

The stain I use the most is made by General Finishes, it’s called Java gel Stain, ( Java is the colour ) it comes in other colours and they are all fab, but Java is my fav! It’s rich, deep and delicious. Here are a couple of pieces that I’ve finished with this product.

Table top finished with Java and Hemp oil

Table top finished with Java and Hemp oil

I love wood even if it’s not perfect, but the finish on both these pieces were worn cloudy chipped lacquer, not a good look. I used stripper on the top, left it for the required amount of time and scraped it off, I then rubbed down with some white spirits and when it was dry gave it a quick ‘key’ with some steel wool. After removing any dust I just applied some Java Gel Stain liberally and wiped it all off. EASY PEASY. You should leave it at least 4 hours or overnight is best, then apply which ever top coat you prefer, Dadaa…. beautiful refinished wood.


There is lots more information and videos on their website.

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