Bedside cupboard transformation

A quick transformation

I had a couple of good quality bedsides in my stash and thought it was time for a quick makeover. They were solid and a good classic shape but very dark and sad. The wood was in good condition, so I decided to strip the top. I used an old brush and liberally applied the stripper to the top. The brand I used was Polycell and it hasn’t failed me yet, also I like the smell …. it smells like marzipan ! For health safety and common sense reasons, please don’t sniff the stripper! use in a well-ventilated area.

It only took about 20 minutes for the finish to bubble and peel, I then scraped it off and put the goo in an old paint can which I keep for this purpose. I cleaned the entire piece and once dry gave it a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a custom mix. The colour was a very pale Linen/beige and was made up with one part French Linen and four parts Original.

I gave it another coat of paint and stained the top with Java Gel Stain which is made by General Finishes, it’s a dark stain but the top had come up fairly light from the stripping so I didn’t leave it on too long before I wiped it off

All finished.

All finished.


When the stain had dried I gave it a couple coats of a wipe on Poly. It comes in a can and you put some on a cloth and wipe it on, It’s awesome! I then used Annie Sloan clear wax and waxed the body of the cabinet.

I think they turned out great! A quick transformation and they sold within hours of being on the shop floor……win win.

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