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Milk Paint is a natural paint. Think 100year old chippy paint and Milk Paint usually comes to mind. This post will show you how easy it is to get a smooth full coverage solid look using Milk Paint with just a few added steps.

Milk Paint by Fusion Night Swim mixed
Mixed Milk Paint in a bowl

Mixing Milk Paint

Mixing Milk Paint is really simple, just add the same amount of water to Milk Paint powder and stir. It doesn’t take long at all, maybe a minute or so. IF you have used it before you know it can sometimes look gritty. Where the pigments and other ingredients haven’t dissolved properly.

Lumpy Milk Paint

This example is extreme just to show you how it can look if you don’t allow the ingredients to dissolve. Even this isn’t a problem! You just brush back and forth and watch it blend into the paint.

Top tip to smooth Milk Paint.

The best tip for getting your mixture just right is this…. Mix as normal and go put the kettle on! …have a nice cuppa, mix again and viola! the perfect Milk Paint mixture. This blend will make the flawless flat smooth Milk Paint. For a chippy look see this post.

Sanded Milk Paint, chalky looking and smooth

Prepping for smooth modern finish.

The next step to getting a modern clean look is your prep. The usual cleaning and scuff sanding is usually enough on most no glossy surfaces to ensure a non chippy look. IF you surface is glossy a more vigorous sanding will work or just add bonding agent ( Ultra Grip ) into the mixed Milk Paint.

Ultra Grip

At a push you can add a layer of ultra grip to your piece before painting with Milk Paint, that works too. For a modern clean finish I usually just sand it well before painting.

pigmented watery paint

Sanding between coats.

For an ultra smooth finish you can lightly sand between coats, luckily Milk Paint dries very quickly and cures in 30 mins! There is only 5 natural ingredients and water, so once the water has evaporated it is cured. Compare that to modern paints on the market today and it really is amazing.

Sanded chalky looking paint

When Milk Paint dries it looks almost chalky and much lighter than the in the wet state. Do not fear! as soon as you apply any topcoat the vivid colour comes alive. When sanding be sure to wear an appropriate mask, and remove the dust before applying another coat.

Redesign with Prima Transfer.

Some interest was added to this piece with a furniture transfer, This one was the Folk 11. It has a boho vibe to it and looks great over this dark inky/navy blue.

Transfer over Milk Painted chest of drawers. Blue with white transfer

It didn’t take the whole transfer and one drawer was left with just the paint on. The over all effect looked good so now it was time to topcoat it.

Sealing Milk Paint

You can use almost any sealer / topcoat you like over Milk Paint but it does need sealing unless you are using it on walls. It is porous like chalk paint is and although really durable it will soak up water and dirt and grease. Adding a topcoat is a simple way to ensure you paint finish lasts.

Stirring a can of Stain and Finishing Oil

For this piece Stain and Finishing Oil in the natural was the perfect option. It will add a slight sheen and give it a water resistant protective finish. Alway make sure it is mixed well before using it, all the good stuff sinks to the bottom of the can. It enriches the colour and really makes it pop!

applying SFO over blue milk paint

The SFO was applied with a cloth and rubbed in circular motion across the whole piece. The excess was buffed in the same way with a clean rag. The difference between the the finish with and without a topcoat is huge, and it’s always fun to watch the colour come alive.

MCM Boho vibe

The overall look is a MCM Boho vibe and the colour gives the piece versatility. This chest of drawers would look good in a hallway a lounge or even a girls or boys bedroom.

side view of blue MCM chest of drawers

The hairpin legs give it some height and glamour. See another MCM piece painted in Fusion here.

Close up of of blue MCM chest of drawers

The wooden handle were wax with Antiquing wax and buffed to a sheen.

upward view of of blue MCM chest of drawers

The size and shape of this AustinSuite Mid Century Modern chest makes it a really useful piece of furniture and a style that never goes out of fashion.

Full frontal view of blue MCM chest of drawers

Is Milk Paint for you?

What I will say right off the bat is if you are a perfectionist this won’t be for you. Why? because there are imperfection when using Milk Paint even on a flat modern finish like this. There can be slight variations in colour or pigment streaks.

Close up of transfer on blue MCM chest of drawers

This is a natural paint with no modern binders in it. It relies on you mixing well and often durning painting to keep the mixture good. Not stirring during painting can result in the heavy pigments sinking to the bottom of your cup changing the colour of your paint very quickly and easily.

left side view
 of blue MCM chest of drawers

The many benefits of Milk Paint.

The huge list of benefits far outweigh the cons. First it is an all natural paint, ancient, tried and tested. Durable and long lasting. If you use a natural finish such a Hemp Oil you have a eco solution to painting! so not only are you saving furniture from landfill this paint is bio degradable and not harmful to our environment !It has anti bacterial properties is perfect used over lime plaster as a breathable solution.

Milk Paint by Fusion colour chart paint sticks - Home Revival Interiors

We stock the Full Range of Milk Paint by Fusion and all the topcoat options you need in our online shop. The whole process of mixing your own paint and the end result of a tactile finish is my favourite things to do. It is so therapeutic and all natural paint. Give it a try!

Now for sale on the website

Furniture Art Milk Paint by Fusion

My Daughter Stevie Leigh is a talented canvas artist ( you all know this I brag about her often ) I am a furniture painter, so it really did take a while before I thought about getting Stevie to paint her art on my furniture!! I mean hello McFly! 🙈 Introducing MCM sideboard hand-painted Art with Milk Paint

Milk Paint by Fusion colour chart paint sticks - Home Revival Interiors
See the full range of colours here

I got Stevie to paint a stunning MCM sideboard with one of her meadows. Watching her paint always fascinates me, she paints like she was born to do it, without any fear and with a clear vision of what it will look like ….amazing! Find out more about Milk Paint here

corner of painted flowers on  sideboard and dog in the background with plant
Tinkerbell had to get in on the action

Milk Paint art

We used few different brands of Milk Paint for this meadow, Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint, Homestead House Milk Paint, and Milk Paint by Fusion. I mixed them all up and watched as Stevie created magic. Mixing Milk Paint is so easy to do! Just add one part powder and one part water, stir for a few minutes and viola! Instant paint.

Timelapse of Stevie doing the Milk Paint art work.

Milk Paint

I have long had a love affair with Milk Paint, it is the reason actually that I found Fusion! It is the perfect paint if you are feeling creative. If you would like to get your hands on some and you are in the US or Canada I have an affiliate link that you could use. ( I get a some pennies for my coffee habit if you use it 😊 )

Side view of painting on furniture

Stevie has decided to call her Spring Meadow and she is listed up on the website for sale. Spring Meadow the first in an exclusive collection of furniture hand-painted art pieces.

Low view of hand painted milk paint art MCM sideboard
side on view of milk paint art MCM sideboard showing flowers

Bespoke painted furniture

Having a one -off unique bespoke piece of furniture in your home is always such a treat just like art. Now you can have the best of both worlds! Be sure to leave us a comment Let us know what you think…Stevie is nervous about showcasing her first #furnitureart piece.

This old bedside table had once started life as a desk! It was damaged beyond repair and so was chopped up. It already had been painted in Milk Paint so when the new Milk Paint by Fusion arrived in the shop I wanted to use some of the new colours.

old chippy paint nightstand
It had seen better days!

Prep for Milk Paint

Prepping for Milk Paint is similar to prepping with Fusion.. Except there is the chance of Milk Paint ‘chipping’ So what do you do if you don’t want chipping and you just want a smooth modern finish? No problem you just add Bonding agent ( Ultra Grip ) into your mixed Milk Paint after you have cleaned well with TSP and scuffed sanded. Wondering what the difference is between Milk Paint and Fusion? See my previous post here.

bottle of ultra grip Home Revival Interiors
Ultra grip and Bonding Agent is the very same thing.

Getting Milk Paint to Chip

If you don’t mind chipping or you want it , just clean and paint. If you surface has a finish on it like varnish or lacquer the chances are it will resist those areas and you’ll get some chipping. This is the kicker! You don’t know if you will get some or not, it may resist everywhere or nowhere. So you have to be ok with that.

A chippy paint finish on a vintage style sideboard

With that being said the more you Milk Paint the more you get a feel for what will and what won’t chip. If you don’t want any chipping just add Bonding Agent to your first coat after proper prep. No chips! The other way to guarantee no chipping is to use it on raw wood. It soaks in and binds with the wood fibers almost like a stain so no chipping at all!

A small bedside table painted in a soft aqua blue with gold hardware and legs. Bedroom scene
Smooth flawless finish. Amalfi Coast Milk Paint by Fusion

Prepping the bedside

I don’t mind chipping and as this bedside already had some so I just sanded off all the loose Milk Paint. Word of warning, this stuff is tough! Normal paint stripper won’t touch it so sanding really is your easiest option. After sanding I filled the holes from the old hardware

A drawer front sanded and filled with wood filler

Layering Milk Paint

As Milk Paint is just powder mixed with water it is thinner than regular paint. There are a few bonuses to this, 1 it leaves zero brushstrokes, I mean you can put this on with a sweeping brush and still not get any brushstrokes! OK I may be overstating but it really is almost impossible.

The other added bonus is because it is so thin you can layer multiple coats of paint without the build-up you would get using regular paint. This makes it great for those 2 toned or even 3 toned layered looks. An authentic aged look of being painted many times over its life. It’s not for everyone but it can look delicious on the right piece.

Homestead House Milk Paint -Solider Blue

Homestead House has manufactured Milk Paint for decades! In fact, it manufactures Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, Milk Paint by Fusion as well as having a huge range of colours in their own line. You should check them out here. I used Solider Blue for the base coat, it is a beautiful bold almost royal blue.

Packet of Homestead House Solider Blue Milk Paint and a cup with mixed milk paint.
one part water to one part Milk Paint = no wastage

I applied one coat all over the bedside and allowed it to dry. Did you know Milk Paint only takes approx 30 to cure! not just dry, cure! another bonus to using Milk Paint.

The first brushstroke across the front of a drawer
Blue paint being brushed on drawer front

Milk Paint by Fusion

Monterey from the new Milk Paint by Fusion line was the colour I choose to layer over top of Solider Blue. It has an almost grey green stormy seas sorta vibe to it. You must know I love green by now!😜 Just one coat as I wanted to sand through the layer almost leaving just a hint of the colour behind.

MCM painted sideboard styled in a frontroom
Monterey Milk Paint by Fusion

This is one of my favourite picture of some stormy seas in Port Issac in Cornwall and this colour reminds me of it.

Stormy blue green grey seas in a  cove
Almost a perfect match right!?

I did get a little chipping and I was ok with that. I could have prevented this had I wanted to by adding Ultra Grip to the mixed Milk Paint.

Milk Paint beginning to chip as it dries

Finishing touches

The drawers got a little peekaboo pop of colour with Hawaiian Hibiscus a beautiful coral/red. I also used one of the stencils from the Posh Chalk range, this one is called Woodubends they have over 30 designs from A4 to floor and wall sizes and if you haven’t seen them yet you are missing out!

Vector of stencil

The stencil design was painted with Posh Chalk pigments and Whitson’s Lacquer. The lacquer has a beautiful semi-gloss sheen which keeps the pigments bright and metallic. I used 2 different coloured pigments the Pale Gold and Orange Gold mixed to make a brassy tone.

side view of opened drawers on bedsides bright coral and gold
inside view of coral and gold drawers
For sale over on my website

Hemp Oil sanding

Milk Paint has to be sealed, it can be sealed with your favourite top coat or you can use wax, Tough Coat, Hemp Oil, or even Stain & Finishing Oil. My favourite is Hemp Oil, I just love the feel of the finish. Milk Paint is cool to the touch and very tactile when finished with Hemp Oil.

side view of bedside table painted in chippy layered milk paint finish

I applied the Hemp Oil and using a soft sanding sponge I sanded the piece all over gently. It revealed the base coat of Solider Blue and in some spots the original paint colour. I added some new drawer knobs and buffed the piece all over for the smoothest feeling finish and a subtle lustre.

chippy paint finish
Chippy layered Milk Paint
gold highlight details on legs of bedside table
Cute little metallic socks
front view of bedside table painted with gold knob handles
A great guest room or sofa end table

Ao what do you think? Is the Chippy Look for you? Or would you like to see a smooth flawless finish next time? Leave a comment and let me know 🙂

Fusion is flipping the concept of Milk Paint on its head with this new collection, Milk Paint by Fusion! From colours to inspiration, Milk Paint just got a fresh new feel! and I’m soo excited about bringing it to all my customers.

Milk Paint by Fusion UK - Home Revival Interiors

25 new gorgeous hues.

Fusion and the parent company Homestead House has been producing Milk Paint for 30 years. They are still Canadas only Milk Paint manufacturers. The colours and the recipes have been perfected over time to bring us this glorious riot of colour. See the full range here

Milk Paint by Fusion colour chart paint sticks - Home Revival Interiors

What is Milk Paint?

If you haven’t used it before you are in for a treat! Milk Paint comes in powder form that you mix 1-1 ratio with water. It is simple and easy to use. Thinner than normal paint and is dry and cured in 30 mins! Did I mention it is Bio-degradable and natural?! It really is my favourite paint to use.

Milk Paint by Fusion at Home Revival- Home Revival Interiors

Finishing Milk Paint

Milk Paint needs to be top coated to protect it, as it is a porous paint. You can use Wax, Hemp oil, Tough Coat or Stain and Finishing Oil. Or just use your favourite top coat. Hemp Oil and wax is my favourite to use over Milk Paint as it just brings out the richness of the colour. Wait till you try it!

Different effects.

Milk Paint is soo versatile, you can use it as a stain or a wash by adding more water and if you add less you can use it as a thick impasto paste that you could use on canvas art or create texture, it is so cool! Milk Paint is famous for it’s Chippy look! there is no other paint on the market that can achieve that old world finish authentically like this paint.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fusion_Milk_Paint_Powder_Packaging_Mixing_WR_200324_7400-1024x684.jpg

How is it different to Fusion Mineral Paint?

The short version is (What’s the difference full blog post here ) Milk paint comes in powder form that you mix with water and Fusion comes ready-made in a pot. Milk Paint has to be sealed with a topcoat, Fusion has a built-in topcoat. Milk paint cures in 30 mins! and leaves no brush strokes. It can be layered without build-up and when used on raw wood it binds with the fibers and won’t chip or peel. It is also the greenest paint around! This is such a creative medium

Hawaiian Hibicus Milk Paint by Fusion - Home Revival

Milk Paint is coming soon to the UK and I’m so excited for you to try it!

If you are in the US or Canada you can purchase your Milk Paint by Fusion here this is my affiliate link so each time you purchase you are fueling my coffee habit 😉

Keep in touch

I want you to be the first in the UK to know when Milk Paint by Fusion arrives! so sign up to my email list, I will be doing videos and tips, tricks and tutorials on how Milk Paint is amazing .. Can you tell I’m excited!?

Join here to get the latest gossip and online offers!

Sarah XOXO

What’s the difference? Milk Paint, Chalk Paint & Mineral Paint.


What’s the difference?

What’s the difference? We get asked that every single day at the shop and I think it surprises people to know that there is a big difference between them. All are used for furniture, Interiors and more and all can be found up and down the UK ( and across the world ) in Independent shops and from online retailers.

 Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

Let’s start with Milk Paint, this is the odd one out in this crowd as it comes in powder form all sealed in a pretty little package. It is mixed with water in equal proportions to make a thin single cream like consistency. (Click to see how easy it is!) It gives you an unrivaled flat smooth brush free finish but is also famous for it’s ‘Chippy’ look. Milk Paint is a porous paint, meaning it needs sealing with a top coat.

smooth finish mmsmp

smooth finish achieved with Bonding Agent

Milk Paint is very versatile and you can get lots of different effects with minimal effort. It can be used as a wood stain by adding more water or will naturally crackle if applied thickly. It can be used as a wash, to tone down a vibrant colour or as a glaze to highlight nooks and crannies. The famous ‘Chippy’ look is simply achieved by painting a prefinished or an already painted piece something that’s slightly shiny, the milk paint will resist the already finished surface producing the authentic chips of peeling paint….vintage heaven.

Antique French cabinet painted in MMSMP 'Mora' with a lovely Chippy finish

Antique French cabinet painted in MMSMP ‘Mora’ with a lovely Chippy finish.

What is Milk Paint?

So now we know the basics of what it can do, what the heck is it? Milk Paint has been around for century’s and has been used for many things from ancient cave paintings, drawings on the pyramids to more recently used for Barns and as a raw wood paint.

It’s made from just 5 all natural ingredients including milk protein ( casein ) Limestone, Clay, Chalk and natural pigments….. that’s it! It’s bio-degradable, no VOC’s, mold resistant and makes a breathable coating so it’s great for lime plastered walls and other surfaces. Milk paints eco-friendly formula makes it a safe option for asthma and chemically sensitive people.


I have already mentioned that Milk Paint is a porous paint and needs to be sealed to be ‘finished’ and there are many ways to do that. Hemp Oil is a solvent free oil finish and protects and seals by absorbing into the wood and hardening to make a water resistant seal. It brings out the richness of the colour and drys to a low luster sheen. It can not be chipped off or peel as it doesn’t leave a surface film.

Hemp Oil is food safe and can be used on chopping boards, kitchen counters etc, it can also be used to bring life back to old cast iron, stone, and bare wood! ….it is basically magic in a bottle!! I’m addicted I literally try and find things in my house to oil.

Hemp Oil on Milk Paint and Bare Wood.

Hemp Oil on Milk Paint and Bare Wood.

Wax is also a great finish for Milk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed’s Wax is amazing, it’s soft and buttery and has virtually no odor and is made from beeswax and a little carnauba. It is a fine museum quality and is simple and easy to use unlike some others on the market, it drys to a low luster with no harsh sheen. Wax brings out the richness of the colour and provides a water resistant finish. Miss Mustard Seed has a range of waxes including Antiquing, white and beeswax.

MMSMP Tough Coat is a water-based non-yellowing wipe on poly, it’s perfect for high-traffic areas such as table tops. It can be brushed on or wiped on and I use it a lot for bleed through (bonus). When you achieve a ‘chippy’ finish and you don’t want any more chipping (which can happen over time) a coat of tough coat seals in the paint chips and leaves a nice matte finish. Easy water clean up.

chippy finish sealed with tough coat.

chippy finish sealed with Tough Coat.

Chalk Paint.

Chalk paint comes ready to use in a can. It has a reputation for being a no-prep paint ( although some prep is alway required even if it’s only a good clean!). It has a thick consistency and can be used in lots of different ways to get different effects. It can be allowed to thicken to make texture, watered down to make a paint wash, and a dye for fabric. It is a porous paint and needs to be sealed. Wax is the preferred method to seal Chalk Paint although it can be sealed with a varnish or poly water-based topcoat. We only use Chalk Paint if a customer specifically asks for it on a custom job now and never ever wax it, we always seal with a water-based varnish. It is easily distressed and is often used for Shabby Chic style painting.

Annie Sloan chalk paint can of paint

Fusion Mineral Paint.

Fusion Mineral Paint is the big daddy, the grande finale, the piste de resistance!

It truly is the best one step paint on the market, a professional paint for the DIY’er,  it’s an acrylic base paint and natural minerals making it UV stable and eco-friendly, only the finest ingredients are used to achieve that perfect flawless matte finish. It comes ready to use straight from the 30% recycled clear plastic containers through which you can see the gorgeous colours, all 52 of them. It has a thinner consistency than chalk paint but exceptional coverage. It is zero VOC’s, unrivaled durability and drum roll, please …… no top coat is needed! yes, you read that right! no top coat required! why?  I hear you ask, well because it’s an acrylic based paint it is waterproof when dry! yes waterproof so the only reason for you to add wax or glaze is for decorative purposes. So if you hate waxing but love the matte chalky look this is the perfect paint for you.

Fusion Mineral Paint is easy water clean up.

Paint stripe in Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion is very versatile, it’s perfect for the contemporary flawless solid coverage and can just as easily be distressed for the vintage vibe. As its name suggests it fuses itself to the surface and is very tough when dry so if you are thinking of distressing your piece it’s best to be done soon after the paint drys. It does require some prep work though, so if your piece is shiny a light ‘key’ with sandpaper or our fabulous Sandi Hands is good enough. The only thing Fusion won’t adhere to is Wax, so if the piece you are going to paint has a wax finish you would need to wipe down with white spirits and lightly sand.

Midnight Blue contemporary look.

Midnight Blue contemporary look.

 Finishes and accents.

With so many different D.I.Y paints on the market, we know it can difficult to make the right choice for you and your project. So Fusion Mineral Paint has made it easy! they have made a premium paint, luxurious finishes and everything in-between.

We are trained and highly knowledgeable on all the products in the range so any queries and question you might have can be answered. Fusion Mineral Paint have such a diverse collection of products that it makes us a one -stop shop! no more running around trying to find a finishing or a prep product we carry them all under one roof! and of course, you can purchase them all in our on-line shop.

Some of the products available from Fusion

Some of the products available from Fusion

So what’s the verdict?

The conclusion we can take from all this is no one paint does everything, we need to know the pro’s and con’s and decide what is best for our projects before we go ahead. Reading customer reviews is always a good start when trying a new product. I have put together an infographic for a quick tick list for you to check which paint will work for you and your project.

What is the difference between the comparison chart