Painting leather with Fusion Mineral Paint

Painting leather with Fusion Mineral Paint.
We have a lovely client whom we helped on a huge interior job a little while back. We helped with lighting flooring, obviously furniture and some accessories too. We had a blast sourcing her very specific furniture requirements, one of which was an industrial vintage style table and chairs, we struggled to find exactly what she wanted but did come up with some ‘out of the box’ ideas. Take a look, what do you think ? is it not fabulous? doesn’t it look like a magazine article?

We sourced an original BierKeler table and matching benches and grey washed the very orange wood, we sealed it with Polyvine dead flat varnish and it looks amazing.

That was the dining room the other end of the room, the living room end is where we had some fun.

Bierkeller Table in home

Dinning room.


painted leather armchair

Armchair painted with Fusion Mineral Paint


Here is the leather armchair that we painted, it was worn and did not match the decor ….it was headed for the landfill so I suggested we paint it ! if it was getting dumped anyway right?

I have never really liked the whole painted fabric thing, I’ve seen it look great and see it look like, well… painted fabric!

so before ..


This was headed for landfill!


What I have liked the look of was painted leather, yup painted leather ! so we grabbed Fusion Mineral Paint in a pale grey, it was actually the concealer and started painting, it went on like a dream,  smooth and the coverage was AMAZING. we did two coats and added some Artisan Enhancements copper foils to the wood frame to tie in some metallic elements of the interior design, what do you think?



Another beauty shot


We love it, it looks like it was always that colour and doesn’t look ‘painted’ at all and because Fusion Mineral Paint has a built in top coat we don’t need to do anything else to it.

We tested the paint when dry by grabbing the cushions and squeezing them, sorta scrunching them to see if it would crack but it was like it hadn’t been painted!

It took less than £15 to revamp this armchair using Fusion Mineral Paint. Why not pop into the shop or to our online shop to see the whole colour range and see what you can revive xx

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8 thoughts on “Painting leather with Fusion Mineral Paint

  • By Anita - Reply

    Popped into the shop today, saw your painted faux leather chair.
    Can’t wait to do my leather suite!!
    Excited is not in it!!

    • By Sarah Pelley - Reply

      Be sure to send in some picture of before and after.

  • By Jody - Reply

    Wow! That is incredible. I’m wondering if you know how well this has held up after a year of use?

    • By Sarah Pelley - Reply

      Our client informs us very well, they use it daily.
      Sarah x

  • By Patsy - Reply

    do you clean the leather with any specific thing beforehand?

    • By Sarah Pelley - Reply

      Yes I use Fusions TSP degreaser, you can find it in my online shop x

  • By Patsy - Reply

    how do you clean the leather before painting?

    • By Sarah Pelley - Reply

      I use Fusions TSP cleaner, it’s a biodegradable eco-friendly degreaser. Then just paint away

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