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I love finding new and exciting products to use and have for years have trawled the internet looking for them. I found Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint from watching Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed) on youtube and before it was available in the U.K. I used to get it shipped over for my own personal use. I did this with many products as i love trying new things.

A while ago I came across a lady called Sharon Hankins on youtube ,her website and youtube channel is called ‘i restore stuff'( you should check it out) , she was using a product called Sandi Hands,the handy glove that sands


It’s a glove that you attach different sandpaper grits to ! a genius idea and everybody who has seen it has said ‘why didn’t i think of that ?’ we all dislike the inevitable prep work involved in our business and this seemed like a usefull and helpfull tool , so We contacted Jenny who invented the glove and asked if we could purchase them in the uk ? sadly we couldn’t, so between us we decided to change that!

We are at the moment eagerly awaiting our shipment ,ready to sell to the general public from our shop and online and hopefully getting them into furniture painting shops near you ! so if you would like to be able to pop to your local shop and buy them , give your retailer a friendly nudge in the right direction . We are looking for stockists in the UK and Ireland .

Zoe and I have recieved our samples and was so excited we did our fisrt facebook live! we had a whooping 19.2 thousand views !!! we were blown away by the response and the queries we have recieved and can’t wait to get them to you all. I’ll let everybody know as soon as they are avaiable for purchase on the websites new store .x

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