Glam Wall Art

D.I.Y Glam Gold wall art

D.I.Y Glam Gold wall art

It’s been a while since I last did a post, but I’m back now and hopefully, the posts will be more regular. We have had lots of exciting things happening while I’ve been away from blogland.

I have posted a video on my You Tube channel of a D.I.Y. Glam Gold leaf wall art tutorial I did recently.

The client is a very stylish 12yr old girl and I’m very pleased to tell you that she loves it ! ….. phew.

I have an old school OHP Overhead Projector that I purchased on eBay many years ago so I choose a silhouette of a pair of lips and printed in on acetate ( the clear paper for the printer) I purchased the acatate from Staples but you get it on Amazon and Ebay too.

The rest of the supplies were

  • Gold size/adhesive
  • A small artist brush
  • Gold leaf ( bought from Amazon )
  • A fluffy blusher brush.

I projected the image onto the wall and carefully painted on the gold adhesive when the glue had come to tack I applied the Gold leaf. When the entire surface was covered I used the blusher brush to gently brush off the excess leaf.

Hope you like it, leave a comment and let me know.

Mae sure you subscribe to my channel for my newest projects.

Sarah X

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