Coral and Gold

Coral and Gold

A little while ago I redecorated the small attic room for my preteen daughter. She had her own ideas on the design , and to be truthful I was a bit concerned we were gonna end up with pretty boy faces stuck to the wall! Turns out my daughter has style …phew 🙂

We had an app on our Ipad that helped us design and style her room, It’s a great tool and was easy to use and we had some giggles while we were sorting through all the options.

coral dresser

Her brief was:

  • Stylish
  • A little bling
  • Somewhere to vlog/homework
  • cosy

We started with a Pinterest board …as most good things do and she decided her color palette from that . Here are a few examples of the pins on the board.

The pin she liked the most was the coral dresser above, now for many weeks I tryed and tryed to custom mix a coral but couldn’t get a nice shade . I enlisted the help of my online friends from all over the globe in forums, blogs and private messages, and had to give up and purchase a dreaded eggshell . Now, I like eggshell, it has it’s place, like on my skirting boards … but who wants to do the prep ? ..not me !

So I had a huge chest of drawers to prep and I decided I would spray it for a nice even finish. We purchased some gold handles and got to work.

When it was finished she liked it so much she asked me to do the same to a small wardrobe, we added some aqua accents and we did the gold lips on the wall that I’ve posted a blog on so the room is very preteen chic and she loves it .

Gotta love a happy client even if it’s your own daughter x


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