An easy guide to glazing

An easy guide to glazing.

Glazing is a way of enhancing. It’s a medium that has a longer open time, meaning you have longer to work it before it dries, giving you plenty of time to achieve the desired look.

An easy guide to glazing

Fusion’s glaze comes in Antiquing or Clear.

When glazing a porous paint such as Milk or Chalk you would need to apply a slip coat, which just means to seal the paint with a top coat of your choice so the glaze slips on it easier making it more workable.


An easy guide to glazing

You can buy Fusion Tough Coat here.

If a slip coat is not used on a porous paint it will stain the overall colour and you won’t get the defined difference in contrasting colours, which is what you are trying to achieve.


An easy guide to glazing

Clearly defined dark glazed areas and lighter painted areas.

When working with an acrylic, eggshell or satin a slip coat can be used but is not necessary, so any subsequent coats added will only sit on top. (always test your brand of paint to make sure your happy)
If you work in small sections adding it to the areas you want to be enhanced and wiping the excess glaze off with a damp clean rag you can keep the contrast very well as we did in our LIVE video on the Facebook group ‘How to paint like a Pro’


An easy guide to glazing

 Painted in Plaster with Antiquingglazee and dry brushed with Limestone.

You can find this by joining the group if you haven’t already and search #LIVE  for a whole library of videos on all different techniques, tips, and tricks.


An easy guide to glazing

General Finishes Van Dyke Brown glaze was used on this wardrobe. 

You would want to wait at least 24hrs before applying a Glaze to any paint as the more layers you add the longer the dry time, but most importantly if you are using a water-based paint such as Fusion and are wiping excess away with a damp cloth you wouldn’t want to reactivate the paint, so the longer you leave between coats the better.


An easy guide to glazing

A wipe on stain was used to simulate glaze on this Union Jack Chest.

To Finish, you would want a top coat to protect all your hard work. Try out different colour combo’s and test out different techniques, remember it’s only paint! it’s supposed to be fun and if all fails just repaint in your favorite colour…… go on give it a go.
Hope that helps

Sarah X

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