Why we love fusion mineral paint

Why we love Fusion Mineral Paint.

Why we love Fusion Mineral Paint.


why we love Fusion Mineral Paint

Some of the products available from Fusion Mineral Paint.

With so many different D.I.Y paints on the market, we know it can difficult to make the right choice for you and your project, Fusion Mineral Paint has made it easy! they have made a premium paint, luxurious finishes and everything in-between. We are trained and highly knowledgeable on all the products in the range so any queries and question you might have can be answered. Fusion has such a diverse collection of products that it really does makes us a one -stop shop!
no more running around trying to find a finishing or a prep product, We have it all!

Seaside from the Penney & Co. collection.
The special thing about Fusion is it has a built inTop coat! so you don’t need to wax ….. yes you read that right. Waxing can really take the enjoyment out of painting your projects and cause some real frustrations.
If you looking for a metallic, a finishing varnish or maybe you’re looking for a texturizing product for a special project. Maybe you need a high-quality brush or museum quality wax? We have that. Want to paint a high gloss surface like a laminate or glass? no problem Fusion has a product for that too.
Why we love Fusion Mineral Paint.

Fusion Champness


Let’s talk colour… there are over 50 in the entire range and Fusion has made it difficult for us to choose, from a large range of whites and neutrals to soft muted mid tones and striking vivids, this range really does have it all.

Fusion Metallics.
We have everything you need to make your project stand out from the crowd and most importantly to make it EASIER for you. All Fusion products are made to compliment each other and work well together on the same project. Everything you need to create your masterpiece! Including getting hands-on how to’s at our workshops!
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Isn’t it time you joined the #FUSIONREVOLUTION ?

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