Waxing frustrations and tips

Waxing frustrations and tips

Everyone who paints furniture has, at one time or another wanted to launch the tin of wax out the window ! …It’s true , don’t deny it !

smudgy greasy marks ,streaks, spots ,dots and dull patches.

Now I’ve heard all sorts of tips and tricks since I began painting nearly a decade ago, most of them are just incorrect or unhelpful. I heard this one a couple years ago and I laughed and laughed and laughed…. ok that’s a bit mean but COME ON !!!!

‘waxing should be effortless and no exertion should be used’



Anyone reading this who has waxed anything bigger than a postage stamp knows this is simply not true, I mean if you haven’t worked up a bit of a glow after waxing a chest or bedside I don’t know what to say ( which makes a change ).

All jesting aside, it did make me wonder if it contributes to the endless frustrations about waxing.

You often see wax tutorials on Youtube where they are swirling the wax in a circular motion across the top of a table or sideboard , now all of this is only my humble opinion but , this is not the Karate Kid people ! it’s not wax on wax off.

As with paint it should be applied in the direction of the woodgrain and when all said and done you should not be able to see the manner in which it was applied.

I use a dense sponge to apply wax and do a small section at a time wiping the excess off in the direction of the wood before starting the next area . When the wax has had time to harden a little and the spirits to evaporate off, I buff with a lint free cloth in the direction of the wood.

Dark wax should be applied over clear wax, at least on painted furniture. The solids in the dark wax makes it a little harder to work with so I have a tip.

Put some dark wax and a little white spirits in an inexpensive squirty bottle, similar to the type your kitchen cleaner comes in . Let the dark wax dissolve until you have a liquid consistency then once your clear wax is dry, spray the liquid dark wax. Cover a small area and wipe off . It’s easier to control and because diluted and sits nicely into the carvings and hard to reach nooks and crannys much easier.

Like with anything worth doing it just takes some practise, so don’t give up.

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