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SANDI HANDS gets the approval of MELANIE LISSACK

best Craft & DIY blogger of the year!

Melanie Lissack Interiors

Melanie Lissack Interiors

Melanie Lissack is a DIY and Interiors blogger and has been a massive hit from the get go. She speaks to the readers with a comfortable ease and you find yourself sucked into the pages of her blog. It’s not hard to understand why she received the Amara Interior blog award for 2016 or why she has been featured in Reloved magazine, The Lux home and Ideal Home to name but a few.


We thought what with the DIY projects Melanie gets up to she could do with a helping hand…or more to the point a Sandi Hand! So we sent her some and this is what she had to say.

Melanie’s review

“One of the problems I find using sanding blocks, paper sheets, or even the iron shaped electric sanders is that I just can’t always reach into all the nooks and crannies and sand and creat the effect required. Sandi Hands Sanding Glove is a great invention which gives me so much more control when sanding! Using my fingers I can glide the paper through all the crevices of the wood. They are equally brilliant for creating the perfect finish, adding a touch of that ‘slighty worn’ look that is so classic and timeless.”



Sandi Hands


We’d like to thanks Melanie for her honest review and we are thrilled she likes the Sandi hands Sanding Glove.          Customers can buy this product in our webshop.                                      http://homerevivalinteriors.co.uk/product/sandi-hands-cotton-glove-women

You can get tons of inspiration and even a design service over at Melanie’s blog  http://www.melanielissackinteriors.com/