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As most of you know although I have been furniture painting for years, I have been trading for nearly two years and I’ve had the shop opened since the end of September!

I love working on the Plymouth Barbican and I especially love my little walk to work, it’s quiet in the morning and always makes me feel grateful that I live here.

I often grab a coffee from my neighbors, Monty’s cafe and walk up the bunting lined little quaint cobbled lane where the shop is located……

Now that all sounds like a fairytale where I float to work while talking to birds in my frilly blue dress! lol NOTHING could be further from the truth, anybody who knows me knows I wouldn’t be caught dead in blue frills 😉

The problem with being in a quaint cobbled lane is that we can often be overlooked, so we had to come up with a shop sign that would fit into the historical Barbican and let people know what we were about and that we were there.

The inspiration for the sign I confess came from Pinterest and as soon as I can master actually publishing a post I’ll add a link to it ( when I learn how ).

So I searched for an old wooden window and found one at Plymouth’s only thrift store, Little Camden Market.

It had stain glass in which I had replaced with toughened, got some decals in a fancy font, black paint, gold gilding wax and a very good friend hand made the bracket……..the clouds parted the sun shone down and a sign was made. I love it ! it’s repurposing / upcycling at it’s best and sorta shows what we do, take something old that’s no longer desirable and make it well…..desirable.

Sarah X

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