How to Gold Leaf the easy way.

How to Gold Leaf the easy way.

If you follow me on Facebook you know I often do FB Lives when I’m in the workshop. I rarely do them at a scheduled time, but if I’m doing something that I think you may like I turn the camera on and show you!

Well, I had this piece in the shop and it was plain, as in no carvings! I’m lucky that almost 100% of my furniture comes from France and it’s mostly ornate and carved with lots of details which is fab! but I needed a flat surface for this Gold Leaf accent that I had been wanting to try.


How to Gold Leaf the easy way.


So it was a dark Mahogany colour and quite shiny, I prepped in the usual way by cleaning lightly sanding and I painted it with Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black. You can but Fusion Paint here! I then added a slash of Gold leaf adhesive across the top and down the front, I used Artisan Enhancements leaf and foil adhesive, but any gold size will work like this one I’ve used this one too.






When the leaf size is applied it goes on white and when it comes to tack it’s clear and ready for the leaf. It was about this time that I thought I’d turn the camera on and show you how easy it is! so here is the video, it’s had a good response and people have found it useful so I thought I’d share it with you!



Let me know in the comment if you thought it was useful.




Sarah XX

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11 thoughts on “How to Gold Leaf the easy way.

  • By Monica - Reply

    I love it!!! It looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve seen a few gold leaf pieces similar to the one you just did and I’m naturally drawn to them. I’ve contemplated doing one myself but the mass amount of golf leaf intimidated me for some reason. Until now thanks to you. Thank you for posting this video. You have definitely inspired me to give a try. 😍

    • By Sarah Pelley - Reply

      Hi Monica,
      I’m so glad you got something from it! It’s nice to know I make sense occasionally 😉

  • By Robert - Reply

    Please let me know about any other classes about Gold Leafing.

    • By Sarah Pelley - Reply

      Hi Robert,
      I think you are already on my email list, so you will get the first notifications

  • By Denise - Reply

    It is BEAUTIFUL!! I’m going to try it!!

    • By Sarah Pelley - Reply

      Yay! be sure to show us x

  • By Glynes - Reply

    My daughter did a dressing 5ble in gol left it W beautiful but you say you can use any finish BUT we sent for what the gold leaf meter use n it not patchy and streaky……..would you know Why?

  • By Molly - Reply

    Do you have to cut drawer/door openings or when you open them after applying the gold leaf you just have to smoth down edges etx.

    • By Sarah Pelley - Reply

      It doesn’t stick if there is no adhesive. so it was fine , but you could pull the drawers out first if you wanted.

  • By Gloria Fields - Reply

    This is absolutely beautiful !! You make it look so easy and you have turned a plain piece of furniture to a beautiful work of art.

    • By Sarah Pelley - Reply

      Thanks Gloria

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