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A quick tutorial Silver gilded Angel wings.

A quick tutorial Silver gilded Angel wings.

With Christmas coming up we have a special item arrive in store, it’s perfect for home decor or just for Christmas. Angel wings.

We have a local carpenter who makes us these angel wings in a couple different sizes, they have been very popular and we can barely keep a pair in the shop for a couple days!  This time-lapse video shows the gilding process and glazing. I used Fusion Mineral paint clear glaze and Fusion’s Coal, which is the black in the classic range.

Both are available to buy in our online shop.

A quick tutorial Silver gilded Angel wings.

Fusion Clear Glaze


A quick tutorial Silver gilded Angel wings.

Fusion Coal black.



The wings were painted first with Fusion Fresco and Coal, Fresco is a texturizing medium, a powder that you add to the paint to give it body, it can be used to make paint have chalky or very chunky and textured finish !! it’s very exciting and I’ll be posting about that very soon. The Angel wings will also be available to purchase very soon on our online shop, yay!



Sarah xx

D.I.Y Glam Gold wall art

It’s been a while since I last did a post, but I’m back now and hopefully, the posts will be more regular. We have had lots of exciting things happening while I’ve been away from blogland.

I have posted a video on my You Tube channel of a D.I.Y. Glam Gold leaf wall art tutorial I did recently.

The client is a very stylish 12yr old girl and I’m very pleased to tell you that she loves it ! ….. phew.

I have an old school OHP Overhead Projector that I purchased on eBay many years ago so I choose a silhouette of a pair of lips and printed in on acetate ( the clear paper for the printer) I purchased the acatate from Staples but you get it on Amazon and Ebay too.

The rest of the supplies were

  • Gold size/adhesive
  • A small artist brush
  • Gold leaf ( bought from Amazon )
  • A fluffy blusher brush.

I projected the image onto the wall and carefully painted on the gold adhesive when the glue had come to tack I applied the Gold leaf. When the entire surface was covered I used the blusher brush to gently brush off the excess leaf.

Hope you like it, leave a comment and let me know.

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Sarah X