Why we love Fusion Mineral Paint.


why we love Fusion Mineral Paint

Some of the products available from Fusion Mineral Paint.

With so many different D.I.Y paints on the market, we know it can difficult to make the right choice for you and your project, Fusion Mineral Paint has made it easy! they have made a premium paint, luxurious finishes and everything in-between. We are trained and highly knowledgeable on all the products in the range so any queries and question you might have can be answered. Fusion has such a diverse collection of products that it really does makes us a one -stop shop!
no more running around trying to find a finishing or a prep product, We have it all!

Seaside from the Penney & Co. collection.
The special thing about Fusion is it has a built inTop coat! so you don’t need to wax ….. yes you read that right. Waxing can really take the enjoyment out of painting your projects and cause some real frustrations.
If you looking for a metallic, a finishing varnish or maybe you’re looking for a texturizing product for a special project. Maybe you need a high-quality brush or museum quality wax? We have that. Want to paint a high gloss surface like a laminate or glass? no problem Fusion has a product for that too.
Why we love Fusion Mineral Paint.

Fusion Champness


Let’s talk colour… there are over 50 in the entire range and Fusion has made it difficult for us to choose, from a large range of whites and neutrals to soft muted mid tones and striking vivids, this range really does have it all.

Fusion Metallics.
We have everything you need to make your project stand out from the crowd and most importantly to make it EASIER for you. All Fusion products are made to compliment each other and work well together on the same project. Everything you need to create your masterpiece! Including getting hands-on how to’s at our workshops!
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Sarah X

Have you heard about Messenger bot?

I’m sooo excited about this!

Before I get to the nitty gritty I  have a question, how many emails do you ignore per day?  5? 10? maybe more? I bet some of you don’t even check your inbox at all!

Well what if I told you that you could get all the info you needed straight in your Facebook Messenger inbox! yup that’s right, just a quick message and you have everything you need right inside messenger.

Have you heard of Messenger bots

Betty bot ready to give you painting tips!

We have just launched our very first bot! YAY! Our helpful little bot will deliver you pro painting tips once a week straight to your messenger inbox! how cool is that!? all you have to do is follow the link below and hit the subscribe button and that’s it. If you don’t like the FREE tips tricks and tutorial we will send you, all you have to is type ‘stop’ and you won’t receive any more, simple right?

So what are you waiting for? click the link below, your first painting tip will be in your inbox on Friday…don’t miss out




Kitchen Dresser Blended Dry brush technique.

This simple style kitchen dresser was in poor shape when it arrived in the workshop, it had in a previous life been given a coat of liming varnish all over that was chipping and peeling. The bones were good it was just in need of a refresh.

How to do a Blended Dry brush technique

The before.


Every piece is unique and that means the level of prep required is different and has to be assessed on a piece by piece basis. This dresser was structurally sound so no fixing was needed just a good clean and sanding. I used my orbital sander and used a 120 grit all over the carcass and a Sandi hand sanding glove for the recessed areas around the doors and the barley twists. The top was also sanded with the orbital in a variety of grits from 80 all the way up to 300, so it was smooth and blemish free. It was then washed thoroughly and left to dry.


I wasn’t sure what finish I going to do but knew I wanted to use Champness so grabbed a pot and brushed a little on to see how it looked. It was fine but I knew I didn’t want a solid finish so had a look at the stash in the workshop to see what would go with it. Algonquin was the next colour I choose and the 2  together looked ‘beachy’ … so finish chosen I got to work.

How to do a blending dry brush technique

Beachy blend palette 


With the first 2 colours applied ( and looking like the kids had been at it! )  I used Putty to dry brush all over and repeated the process with Raw Silk, it needed more in some areas and less in others and it toned the overall look down to a muted soft beachy look. It’s a personal preference of how much or less you apply but you can see this would work with lots of different colour combo’s! It was simple and quick and I love using this technique when you don’t want solid coverage or you want a vintage vibe.

Kitchen Dresser Blended Dry brush technique.

Kitchen Dresser Blended Dry brush technique.



I posted it on the Facebook group ‘How to paint like a Pro’ if you haven’t already joined #whynot? It’s a group run by Pro’s all over the globe answering question and more importantly sharing their expertise, go on whatcha waiting for … get on over and join in the fun!


Kitchen Dresser Blended Dry brush technique.

Kitchen Dresser Blended Dry brush technique.


Kitchen Dresser Blended Dry brush technique.



Kitchen Dresser Blended Dry brush technique.

Beachy blended look.


Kitchen Dresser Blended Dry brush technique.

Looking pretty

Well I really love how this turned out and the colour palette! It’s gonna look great in someone’s kitchen.

What do you think? what would you use this technique on? Leave a comment and let me know

Sarah xx


Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.

Our furniture supplier is a frequent visitor to France and has been trading for over 25 years, he often brings us back glorious gems from the land of garlic and lavender, this piece, however, wasn’t one of them. When it arrived it was dark, ugly and large, it’s a heavily carved oak and did I mention it was dark?


Dry brushing and glazing The Beast

 The Beast before. Dark and gloomy.

The creative process.

Now I’m gonna let you in on a secret, a trade secret, a massive secret. A secret so secret that all pro furniture finishers up and down the land will be mad that I am divulging this precious info! Right, are you ready?  Once we get the pieces in and they are put in the workshop they sit there and we stare at them ….alot! Ha, I’d like to tell you I’m joking but it’s true! Now the reason we stare at them is… we are waiting for them to talk to us, they tell us what colour they would look best in, or if they should be stripped or ….you get the picture right?….. what’s that you say? we are all mad!  I know it sounds more than a little strange but it’s true. Can I get an Amen from my fellow Fusionista sister’s?

So I stared and stared and it said nothing! I showed it to customers, I trawled Pinterest, Google you name it! I eventually asked our Fusion stockists in the U.K for some help and one of the talented furniture painter  Rebecca suggested a glazed look. I knew I didn’t want a block colour, it’s too big but a glaze and dry brush might work! So I choose Little Lamb from Fusion’s Tones for Tots range and got started!

Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.

The witch.


Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.

She looks a little cross eyed.



Now I know we have been lead to believe its a dirty word, but trust me on this ( I’m a Pro ) your paint finish is only as good as the surface you are putting it on. Now before you turn the computer off and walk out the door hear me out! Prepping your piece needn’t be the end of the world, each piece you work will need different levels of prep. The Beast was shiny so I knew it needed some prep for the paint finish to be durable, I started with a good cleaning I used soap and warm water and when it was dry, lightly sanded the flat areas using our fabulous Sandi Hands sanding glove  now because of all the intricate carvings I wouldn’t be able to sand in those areas I used Fusion’s Ultra Grip. To find out more about Ultra Grip click here


Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.

The Gargoyle or maybe the Green man.


Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.

The Lion.

I sprayed the entire cabinet with the Ultra grip to save time and guarantee a nice even thin coat, I let it dry over night and sprayed one coat of the Little Lamb, the coverage was excellent and because I knew I would be black glazing it, a second coat was unnecessary.The glaze was made using Fusion’s clear glaze and some Coal black to tint it. This was left again overnight and I decided I would spray the glaze on it as well! I have never sprayed a glaze before but as the detail on it was vast I thought it would be easier to spray into the nooks and crannies than to scrub the brush into all those areas and I was right! it worked a treat and I will definitely use this method again.


Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.

Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.


Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.

Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.

I Instagram storied ( Is that a word?)  this entire process, if you are on Instagram pop over and check our stories out, you get the inside scoop of the day to day in the workshop. We also did a Facebook LIVE in the Facebook group How to Paint Like A PRO you can see that here.

The finish.

When the glaze was dry I got to work dry brushing Fusion’s Raw Silk over the entire carved areas and even used the very dry brush to lightly go over the flat surfaces to blend the whole piece together. I’m pleased with the results and think it works so well because of the balance of the mid-toned grey the dark black glaze and the light colour of the Raw Silk. It reminded me of makeup, when you contour and highlight, it’s essentially the same thing, the dark colour was used to deepen,  draw back, and the light colour to highlight the prominent areas so to bring them forward. All these beauty shots taken by our fab friends Gemma Fox .

Dry brushing and glazing The Beast.

Looks so much better, I kinda like it.

So what do you think Leave a comment and let me know.

Sarah X


How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer.

How to apply an I.O.D. decor transfer. We have been a stockist of I.O.D decor transfers for a while now and they have proved very popular. They are lots of ways you can bling up your furniture but none as unique and easy as this!

How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer.

The transfers come in different sizes from a small plant pot transfers to big enough to fit a large dresser. There are typography and vintage images, all designed by Sally and Josie the sisters and designers behind Iron Orchid Designs. Their talents don’t end there! they have designed Vintage decor stamps  and Vintage art deco moulds. We did a Facebook LIVE in How to paint like a Pro Facebook group. Join the group and search #LIVE to see loads of Pro’s sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials. You can join by clicking here.

Appling the transfer.

The transfer needs to be applied to a matte paint for best results, so Fusion Mineral Paint or MMS Milk Paint is perfect for this. We prepped a piece of pine board we had hanging about and gave it a coat of Raw Silk and dry brushed some Putty over for a weathered look.

Once dry we picked our transfer, we choose the design Farmers Market to make farmhouse style kitchen sign. When you take the transfer out of the packet it comes with an instruction leaflet and a wooden stick to rub/transfer the design from the clear plastic sheet to your project.

How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer

The transfer comes on a clear plastic sheet with a waxed backing paper to protect it. When you have decided where to put the design slowly peel the wax backing paper off being careful not to peel any of the design away.  The transfers are very delicate and almost immediately adheres to the surface so can’t be moved once in place.

How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer

Transfering to your project.

Once the transfer is where you want it, use some tape to keep it in place. Lightly rub the transfer to push it against the surface and grab your stick. You want to rub with a little bit of pressure over every bit of the design so you burnish the design off the clear plastic onto the surface.

How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer

How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer

As you are burnishing/rubbing the design you will start to see it change to a lighter colour, you can see it leaving the clear plastic and sticking to your project! that looks like this.

How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer

When this look is achieved all over, gently peel back the plastic and take a peek to make sure the whole design is stuck down. If there is a piece that hasn’t stuck, just lay the clear sheet back down and rub a bit harder. It really is that simple.

How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer

How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer

How to apply an I.O.D decor transfer


It’s almost done! you need to lay your hand flat over the design and rub gently to make sure the design has laid flat to the surface and no bits are sticking up. If you want to distress the design for that vintage look, now is the time to do it! a high grit like 320 upwards should do the trick. If it’s not going to be used in a high traffic area, you don’t have to seal it but the transfers can be sealed if you desire. Wax, Hemp Oil or a Poly/varnish will work and keep it protected.

Don’t forget these transfers can be used on glass, mirror or walls! just make sure the surface you are applying it to is clean and free from any grease. I.O.D decor transfers are available in the shop section of our website.

We would just like to say a massive thank you to Mandy Alexander of Alexander photograph for the fab pics X you can check out her Facebook page here.

Hope you found this helpful

Sarah X

Custom work and why we love it.

 The challenge.

We sell ALOT of furniture, some of it as it comes but mostly painted or refinished in some way. We haul, strip, sand, glue, fix, clean, paint, varnish, decoupage, spray, French polish…. you name it we do it! But our most favorite way is for someone else, why I hear you ask! well, it’s simple really, the challenge!
Custom work and why we love it.

Working with clients.

Most customers have an idea of what they would like, a picture from Pinterest maybe or picture on their phone from a Facebook post, they usually have some inspiration even if it’s only a new fresh coat of paint on their walls. We have even had someone bring in a whole mood board to help translate their vision. When working for private clients we try to achieve exactly what they want and the response is always very rewarding, I also like jumping outside my box and perhaps refinishing a piece in a way I never would! the results have been surprising.

When we refinish furniture to sell in the shop it’s very different, we are trying to reach a broad audience, we use colours that are trending we might be daring with design or colour for a few pieces but we, of course, try and target the widest audience possible. It’s just not quite as rewarding.


Custom work and why we love it.

Wallpaper on an Art Deco vanity.


Custom work and why we love it.

Vintage Haberdashery counter painted in MMSMP Typewriter.


Custom work and why we love it.

Ercol sideboard top stripped and waxed and base painted to match mirror.


Custom work and why we love it.

Vintage Union Jack .


Custom work and why we love it.

Copper and Gold leaf turned this dull bedside table into a glam statement piece.

Taking the challenge

We are lucky that we also do on-site custom work and enjoy getting out of the workshop, we have done entire kitchens to whole bedroom suites to dining rooms and we even customized some stairs! but the strangest job to date was the interior of a car! You can find that here   like I said …we love a challenge. So if you would like to update your furniture and don’t know where to start don’t worry you can join us on one of our workshops we hold each month, we run Fusion Mineral Paint workshops and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint workshops too. All the info can be found on our website so be sure to sign up for our newsletter by subscribing to the website or our Facebook page.

We know that not everybody is hands on so if you would like your furniture customized but don’t want to tackle it yourself, we do the work so you don’t have to.


Custom work and why we love it.

Sarah X

What’s the difference? Milk Paint, Chalk Paint & Mineral Paint.


What’s the difference?

What’s the difference? We get asked that every single day at the shop and I think it surprises people to know that there is a big difference between them. All are used for furniture, Interiors and more and all can be found up and down the UK ( and across the world ) in Independent shops and from online retailers.

 Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

Let’s start with Milk Paint, this is the odd one out in this crowd as it comes in powder form all sealed in a pretty little package. It is mixed with water in equal proportions to make a thin single cream like consistency. (Click to see how easy it is!) It gives you an unrivaled flat smooth brush free finish but is also famous for it’s ‘Chippy’ look. Milk Paint is a porous paint, meaning it needs sealing with a top coat.

smooth finish mmsmp

smooth finish achieved with Bonding Agent

Milk Paint is very versatile and you can get lots of different effects with minimal effort. It can be used as a wood stain by adding more water or will naturally crackle if applied thickly. It can be used as a wash, to tone down a vibrant colour or as a glaze to highlight nooks and crannies. The famous ‘Chippy’ look is simply achieved by painting a prefinished or an already painted piece something that’s slightly shiny, the milk paint will resist the already finished surface producing the authentic chips of peeling paint….vintage heaven.

Antique French cabinet painted in MMSMP 'Mora' with a lovely Chippy finish

Antique French cabinet painted in MMSMP ‘Mora’ with a lovely Chippy finish.

What is Milk Paint?

So now we know the basics of what it can do, what the heck is it? Milk Paint has been around for century’s and has been used for many things from ancient cave paintings, drawings on the pyramids to more recently used for Barns and as a raw wood paint.

It’s made from just 5 all natural ingredients including milk protein ( casein ) Limestone, Clay, Chalk and natural pigments….. that’s it! It’s bio-degradable, no VOC’s, mold resistant and makes a breathable coating so it’s great for lime plastered walls and other surfaces. Milk paints eco-friendly formula makes it a safe option for asthma and chemically sensitive people.


I have already mentioned that Milk Paint is a porous paint and needs to be sealed to be ‘finished’ and there are many ways to do that. Hemp Oil is a solvent free oil finish and protects and seals by absorbing into the wood and hardening to make a water resistant seal. It brings out the richness of the colour and drys to a low luster sheen. It can not be chipped off or peel as it doesn’t leave a surface film.

Hemp Oil is food safe and can be used on chopping boards, kitchen counters etc, it can also be used to bring life back to old cast iron, stone, and bare wood! ….it is basically magic in a bottle!! I’m addicted I literally try and find things in my house to oil.

Hemp Oil on Milk Paint and Bare Wood.

Hemp Oil on Milk Paint and Bare Wood.

Wax is also a great finish for Milk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed’s Wax is amazing, it’s soft and buttery and has virtually no odor and is made from beeswax and a little carnauba. It is a fine museum quality and is simple and easy to use unlike some others on the market, it drys to a low luster with no harsh sheen. Wax brings out the richness of the colour and provides a water resistant finish. Miss Mustard Seed has a range of waxes including Antiquing, white and beeswax.

MMSMP Tough Coat is a water-based non-yellowing wipe on poly, it’s perfect for high-traffic areas such as table tops. It can be brushed on or wiped on and I use it a lot for bleed through (bonus). When you achieve a ‘chippy’ finish and you don’t want any more chipping (which can happen over time) a coat of tough coat seals in the paint chips and leaves a nice matte finish. Easy water clean up.

chippy finish sealed with tough coat.

chippy finish sealed with Tough Coat.

Chalk Paint.

Chalk paint comes ready to use in a can. It has a reputation for being a no-prep paint ( although some prep is alway required even if it’s only a good clean!). It has a thick consistency and can be used in lots of different ways to get different effects. It can be allowed to thicken to make texture, watered down to make a paint wash, and a dye for fabric. It is a porous paint and needs to be sealed. Wax is the preferred method to seal Chalk Paint although it can be sealed with a varnish or poly water-based topcoat. We only use Chalk Paint if a customer specifically asks for it on a custom job now and never ever wax it, we always seal with a water-based varnish. It is easily distressed and is often used for Shabby Chic style painting.

Annie Sloan chalk paint can of paint

Fusion Mineral Paint.

Fusion Mineral Paint is the big daddy, the grande finale, the piste de resistance!

It truly is the best one step paint on the market, a professional paint for the DIY’er,  it’s an acrylic base paint and natural minerals making it UV stable and eco-friendly, only the finest ingredients are used to achieve that perfect flawless matte finish. It comes ready to use straight from the 30% recycled clear plastic containers through which you can see the gorgeous colours, all 52 of them. It has a thinner consistency than chalk paint but exceptional coverage. It is zero VOC’s, unrivaled durability and drum roll, please …… no top coat is needed! yes, you read that right! no top coat required! why?  I hear you ask, well because it’s an acrylic based paint it is waterproof when dry! yes waterproof so the only reason for you to add wax or glaze is for decorative purposes. So if you hate waxing but love the matte chalky look this is the perfect paint for you.

Fusion Mineral Paint is easy water clean up.

Paint stripe in Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion is very versatile, it’s perfect for the contemporary flawless solid coverage and can just as easily be distressed for the vintage vibe. As its name suggests it fuses itself to the surface and is very tough when dry so if you are thinking of distressing your piece it’s best to be done soon after the paint drys. It does require some prep work though, so if your piece is shiny a light ‘key’ with sandpaper or our fabulous Sandi Hands is good enough. The only thing Fusion won’t adhere to is Wax, so if the piece you are going to paint has a wax finish you would need to wipe down with white spirits and lightly sand.

Midnight Blue contemporary look.

Midnight Blue contemporary look.

 Finishes and accents.

With so many different D.I.Y paints on the market, we know it can difficult to make the right choice for you and your project. So Fusion Mineral Paint has made it easy! they have made a premium paint, luxurious finishes and everything in-between.

We are trained and highly knowledgeable on all the products in the range so any queries and question you might have can be answered. Fusion Mineral Paint have such a diverse collection of products that it makes us a one -stop shop! no more running around trying to find a finishing or a prep product we carry them all under one roof! and of course, you can purchase them all in our on-line shop.
Some of the products available from Fusion

Some of the products available from Fusion

So what’s the verdict?

The conclusion we can take from all this is no one paint does everything, we need to know the pro’s and con’s and decide what is best for our projects before we go ahead. Reading customer reviews is always a good start when trying a new product. I have put together an infographic for a quick tick list for you to check which paint will work for you and your project.

What is the difference between the comparison chart 

SANDI HANDS gets the approval of MELANIE LISSACK

best Craft & DIY blogger of the year!

Melanie Lissack Interiors

Melanie Lissack Interiors

Melanie Lissack is a DIY and Interiors blogger and has been a massive hit from the get go. She speaks to the readers with a comfortable ease and you find yourself sucked into the pages of her blog. It’s not hard to understand why she received the Amara Interior blog award for 2016 or why she has been featured in Reloved magazine, The Lux home and Ideal Home to name but a few.


We thought what with the DIY projects Melanie gets up to she could do with a helping hand…or more to the point a Sandi Hand! So we sent her some and this is what she had to say.

Melanie’s review

“One of the problems I find using sanding blocks, paper sheets, or even the iron shaped electric sanders is that I just can’t always reach into all the nooks and crannies and sand and creat the effect required. Sandi Hands Sanding Glove is a great invention which gives me so much more control when sanding! Using my fingers I can glide the paper through all the crevices of the wood. They are equally brilliant for creating the perfect finish, adding a touch of that ‘slighty worn’ look that is so classic and timeless.”



Sandi Hands


We’d like to thanks Melanie for her honest review and we are thrilled she likes the Sandi hands Sanding Glove.          Customers can buy this product in our webshop.                            

You can get tons of inspiration and even a design service over at Melanie’s blog








Painting a car interior with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Painting a car interior with Fusion Mineral Paint.

painting a car with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Interior of the car.

Painting a car interior with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Um yeh, I know it’s absurd! and right off I’d like to say that Fusion Mineral Paint was designed as a furniture paint. But the product is excellent and hardwearing and can be used on so many surfaces, so I’ll explain how we got our weirdest commission ….to date 😉

A few posts ago we did an interior revamp for a lovely client and ended up painting her leather armchair. It no longer went with her design and it was headed for the local landfill, so we thought why not! fast forward to a couple weeks ago and her husband who is a car dealer asked if we could spruce up the leather interior of a Mercedes convertible. You see he sits on that leather armchair night after night, the kids jump on it and so does the dog. His thinking was that if the paint held up to all that it should work just great in the car.

We explained to him that it wasn’t meant for this purpose and we couldn’t guarantee that it would have a long life, but he decided he wanted to go ahead.

Here is a before of the car interior.

painting a car with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Seat with yellow insert


We were asked to paint all the yellow parts of the interior, and he decided he wanted to go black. The seats we knew would be easy and durable but the dash board etc was made of a combintion of rubber type material and plastic.

It took a bit of time to prep and tape everything up, it was cleaned and prepped with a lttle sanding using our fabulous Sandi Hands. They came in useful in the hard to reach areas.

painting a car with Fusion Mineral Paint

It’s all in the prep work


painting a car with Fusion Mineral Paint.

masking the door panels.


It probably took just as long to prep as it did to paint, but this wasnt the type of job you could just start over.

painting a car with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Hard at work

Starting the fun part.

Once all the prep was done and we were sure we had masked everything, it was time to start painting. We were so excited! and at one point we had maybe 5 men all standing around the car, arms folded shaking their heads and mumbling under their breath! sooo funny.

It took about 2-3 coats all over, a variety of different brushes were used including a roller for the leather seats.

painting a car with Fusion Mineral Paint.

First coat applied with a roller.


painting a car with Fusion Mineral Paint.

centre panel being painted.

Everything was given one to two thin coats the first day and left overnight. The third coat is were it all started coming together.

painting a car interior with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Looks better even after one coat!


painting a car interior with Fusion Mineral Paint

The dashboard and door inserts after 3 light coats.


The car had to be kept inside on day 2 as it was raining and we needed the roof down , so the pics could be better but I think even in this light it’s clear there is a massive improvment.

painting a car interior with Fusion Mineral Paint.

nearly done, just the tape to remove and touch ups to be done.


After the 3 light coat the tape was removed and a few touch ups done and it was ready! We are dissapointed we haven’t got a beauty shot with the car all washed in some pretty location, but the weather had been real bad and before it cleared up the dealer sold it !

painting a car interior wit Fusion Mineral Paint.

Still drying but a huge improvement from the banana yellow.


painting a car interior with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Finishing touch ups done.


In the picture above the chairs are still drying but the centre panels and dash has dryed to a lovely matte finish. It was a intricate job but we really enjoyed the challenge.

We often say in our trade that we would ‘paint anything’ and now we can tick a car off the list.

We would love to hear what you think , leave a coment and let us know.

Sarah x


to see the leather armchair painted in Fusion Mineral paint click here.

Painting leather with Fusion Mineral Paint


A quick tutorial Silver gilded Angel wings.

A quick tutorial Silver gilded Angel wings.

With Christmas coming up we have a special item arrive in store, it’s perfect for home decor or just for Christmas. Angel wings.

We have a local carpenter who makes us these angel wings in a couple different sizes, they have been very popular and we can barely keep a pair in the shop for a couple days!  This time-lapse video shows the gilding process and glazing. I used Fusion Mineral paint clear glaze and Fusion’s Coal, which is the black in the classic range.

Both are available to buy in our online shop.

A quick tutorial Silver gilded Angel wings.

Fusion Clear Glaze


A quick tutorial Silver gilded Angel wings.

Fusion Coal black.



The wings were painted first with Fusion Fresco and Coal, Fresco is a texturizing medium, a powder that you add to the paint to give it body, it can be used to make paint have chalky or very chunky and textured finish !! it’s very exciting and I’ll be posting about that very soon. The Angel wings will also be available to purchase very soon on our online shop, yay!



Sarah xx