New Beginnings

So it is with sadness and excitement that I have to announce that I am SELLING MY BUSINESS!

I’m equally excited and scared!

Longest post ever alert! πŸ‘‡

I have been in retail for over 6 years and my business has changed so much in that time. When the online space became a thing and we started selling online it was as an extra income stream to the main business.

Since then it has grown and my biz has taken a turn in an unexpected area. You see I love Social Media and have been learning and training in this area for a good few years now.

I have taken courses and been to conferences, I’m a member of multiple memberships all to keep abreast of what’s working on social media. I run a Facebook group with over 300 creative business owners teaching Facebook strategies.

I have clients who I run Social media accounts for and at the end of this month, I open a membership subscription group for small businesses owners teaching social media strategies to grow your business online, oh and this June Kate and I will be hosting the UK’s first Furniture Painters conference πŸŽ‰

My business has come to the point where I have to choose between the physical shop and the hours that demands and my online work. ..

It has been a difficult decision! I have long known how lucky I am to wake up Monday morning and be excited to go to work, I love my customers, I love to teach and share my knowledge ( in fact you can’t get me to shut up talking paint) #painttalk πŸ˜‰ I love being surround by the beautiful interior decor in my shop, I love the vintage and antique finds that I paint and love custom work, in case I haven’t been clear … I LOVE MY JOB

But .. The opportunities I have to turn down, the jobs I can’t take have been many! that and the chance to set my own working hours and be home more with my kids have been too much of a temptation.

Now I WILL still be Home Revival I WILL still be in this industry I WILL still be stocking and selling Fusion Mineral Paint, I WILL still run workshops and teach! I WILL still be doing lives and sharing on social I STILL love my job πŸ’• this page will continue as before.

I will just be working from home doing all these things I love and continue to grow my online work too!

So I’m selling my business as a going concern, I’d love to see it continue in some form, I have loyal creative customers that have been with me for years and become friends and I’d love to know I’m leaving them in good hands. The shop is in a highly sought after area with a lovely local community and good footfall.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in purchasing my business please let them know

Feel free to call email or message me for more info.

Sarah X

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