Virtual Paint Class for Email and Bot subscribers.

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The first class will be held on Saturday 31st March @ 7pm till 9pm

This class will be Live inside the Facebook group and available for you to re-watch as much as you like. You do not have to watch it Live, that’s the beauty of this. If you have something to do on this date, no problem catch up when you can. *This class could run over the allotted 2hrs*


Virtual Paint Class Online Paint Class

This is going to be awesome!

Learning in YOUR own time in YOUR own home!

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This listing is for Email and  Home Revival messenger bot recipients only, this link must not be shared, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The world is such a small place now and social media being the main platform people use to keep in touch. I have friends and customers all over the world from Australia to Canada to South America!

Online classes are the best! I am part of a business coaching group and lots of Facebook groups all done online. It’s the way forward with people getting busier it sorta solves a few of those problems.

Used correctly social media and the internet in general can have really positive effects. I recently went to Canada and had an epiphany! I meet a whole bunch of people I connect with online and have a relationship of sorts, and was blown away with how those friendship’s spilled over into real life, It was AMAZING!

It got me thinking on how I could help other people build those connections, and nothing brings a group of creative women together quicker than a pot of paint and a brush. So here we are virtual paint classes come help me build this community!

Virtual Paint Class Online Paint Class


What finish will we be learning?

Virtual Paint Class Online Paint Class

Kitchen Dresser Blended Dry brush technique.

We are kicking off with a blended dry brush technique!

This is a great one to have in your portfolio, It uses less paint but gives a dramatic impact and can be used in lots of different colourways to give different looks.  It’s great for hiding unwanted texture or flaws, an can be applied to furniture or walls to make a statement. This technique will make it easy to elevate your furniture and stand out from the crowd

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