Confessions and crafts pillow

Confessions and Crafts

I have a confession to make ….. like lots of people I am a bit of a hoarder (massive understatement), and I was going through my linen cupboard the other day and came across all my childrens baby blankets !

I didnt want to throw them away so decided I should make something with them . Now I’m not really a crafty person as such but after much deliberation and thought ( a visit to Pinterest) i decided to try a rag rug .

I like things that give me instant gratification ( another confession ) so this was perfect , quick easy, and pretty.

I cut the blankets into rough 6inch by 1inch lengths with pinking scissors and poked (TECHNICAL TERM) through a piece of hessian and tied a knot!, before I started used a felt tip pen to draw a pattern and followed the lines …..easy peasy.

This is what I ended up with how pretty is that ?
Confessions and crafts pillow

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